The Story of Switzerland Country of Chocolate Swiss Watches

The Story of Switzerland: Country of Chocolate, Swiss Watches & Free Market ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ

Welcome gather around friends planet explore brings a new story for all of you cheese army knife watches alps banks wealth neutrality and so on and so on all of these have one thing in common actually the country switzerland this small central european country has gained quite a reputation through

History and especially in the modern age as a great place to live in addition to being a symbol of success let’s see together how they managed to do it all the way up there in the mountains the history of switzerland culture is really a fundamental policy and institution switzerland has indeed

Possessed a narrative of freedom for centuries and it was restored in the 19th century by the poet frederick schiller and his work villaintel freedom in switzerland is traditionally understood as the freedom of government which first meant freedom from surrounding empires and monarchies the three principles of the founding of

The state in the 13th century were the defense of external invaders the new court and the defense of private property primarily from theft and damage this freedom always went along with the ethics of personal responsibility and did not represent the freedom to do just anything but the freedom to do what was right

This tradition is based on greco-roman and judeo-christian wisdom freedom responsibility respect for the right to property are simply put universal human values in switzerland these ideas were founded as dominant through the efforts of the bourgeois elites in the 18th and 19th centuries and became the basis of the system of government

On which every government was based this is one of the reasons why every man a citizen of switzerland is at the same time a soldier who keeps a weapon at home and why direct democracy is so influential power is if we look at the principle in the hands of the citizens

And not the government now that you know about the history of switzerland let’s move on to the main point but before we get to that help us out by liking the video and subscribing to our channel planet explorer is presenting new and unique stories every week

And you do not want to miss out a successful switzerland switzerland by many criteria is one of the most successful countries in the world it is the land of chocolate cheese watches and banks you can regularly spot this country on the top of list by quality of life innovation or business conditions

Although it is relatively small with only a little above 8 million people living there switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world by gdp per capita which is around eighty thousand dollars unemployment rate here is very small as the swiss workforce is highly skilled and qualified

It is interesting to note that about a quarter of the population is also foreigners another interesting thing is the high level of decentralization political power is divided among three levels federal cantonal and municipal cantons and municipalities have very high degree of autonomy and decision making for example education is regulated on the kentonal

Level and not on the federal all of this of course implies that the swiss have a very developed democracy which is illustrated in the numerous referendums where citizens decide about different issues the economy of this country is based in a very strong service sector which is dominated by financial services

And is followed by an equally strong highly advanced technology industry economic political stability transparent legal system and a developed infrastructure and capital markets and low taxes all of these factors culminate to make switzerland one of the most competitive economies vocational education and the system of apprenticeship training are also

Important factors according to this system it is possible for young people who do not have academic ambitions or don’t possess a high level of language knowledge to learn certain crafts or jobs as early as the age of 15. they can choose what they want to do and be employed in a profession while

Attending vocational school once a week this is the best integration you can imagine when young people come home with a salary at the age of 15 it sharpens their sense of responsibility and a sense of value and pride and for this reason there are no ghettos high crime rates

And isolated communities in switzerland the unifying factor is productive work as it was before a free market makes switzerland attractive to foreign companies a few basic reasons why switzerland is so attractive for foreign companies is the liberal economic environment and the economic policy which supports the free market this country has the highest

Level of economic freedoms in europe and on a global level it’s in fourth place right behind hong kong singapore and new zealand economic levels are measured in a few different areas this includes a degree of regulation legal security and property rights freedom of cross-border trade and currency stability and so forth and so

On you get the picture switzerland has maintained political neutrality but has close economic ties with the european union as half of their exports go to neighboring eurozone countries in recent years switzerland has given into international pressure on banking secrecy and agreed to comply with the oecd rules and participate in

The exchange of information with other countries on taxation and anti-money laundering but this has not significantly affected their traditionally strong banking sector public spending is very low the swiss economy is very stable inflation is below eu level as well as unemployment which is regularly below four percent public spending is very low

And makes up a little over 30 percent of the gdp while in other european countries it isn’t rare for this to be 50 or more public debt is also very low switzerland’s public debt is around 30 percent of their gdp while the average of countries in the eu goes past 90

This country is very successful in attracting and keeping highly skilled and qualified workforce and talent access to a strong and diverse workforce pool is one of the reasons for top companies such as google roche novartis nestle disney or microsoft to open up their business or research centers right in switzerland

Switzerland one of the strongest countries in the world today it cannot be stressed enough that switzerland is a very stable and economically strong country and has successfully evaded typical economic problems like high unemployment excessive debts which are plaguing other european countries it is for these reasons that the world economic forum

Has declared switzerland the most competitive country in the world but these aren’t the only reasons why switzerland has left all other countries way behind according to business insider there are certain reasons why this small european country achieves such success from the newsletter of the swiss bank credit suisse which deals in

This very topic some of the reasons that explain the success of the country can be drawn global business locations the level of civil liberties the nobel prize for various achievements the quality of scientists entrepreneurs artists and authors themselves are some of the factors in which switzerland occupies leading positions not only in

Europe but also worldwide gerd haberman a german economist gave his seven reasons why switzerland is so strong number one small is good every level of government both government and management while they grow become more and more expensive and more inefficient this is why the highest levels of government have the

Largest expenses switzerland being a small country can act on every level as a small and agile organization number two all levels have equal responsibility switzerland unlike most european countries does not have a massive bureaucracy and voters have tremendous power this means the possibility of voting on public spending but also

On other issues of public interest in addition the government is equally responsible at all levels number three decentralization the federal government in switzerland has a small part of the power over the collected tax revenues it is known that switzerland is divided into cantons that have powered attacks every part of

The country strives to be as good and attractive as possible in order to attract business people and the population number four most decisions are made at the local level given that the country is decentralized there’s a tendency to make decisions at the local level in order to meet the

Needs of each area as efficiently as possible number five there is no political career there are no political careers in switzerland some people run the country for some time but in addition they do their job which is independent of their political role this avoids the problems that normally

Occur in politics such as bribing and pursuing someone’s interest the lesson that business organizations can draw from this is that management can become problematic if the level of centralization is too high and the stagnation becomes a natural state number six financial and intellectual sanctuary throughout its history switzerland has

Kept a considerable distance from what was happening in the world during the wars and other turmoil the country took mostly a neutral position and for these reasons it attracted a large amount of financial and intellectual capital every state but also an organization can lose a great deal

If it puts its own ideology before practicality and lastly number seven the middle class is the key swiss culture is not specifically defined by a particular nationality language or religion what defines which culture are moderation general attitudes consideration especially in business terms and reality in every respect

As we can see way up in the alps utopia is almost a reality and while it is true there is no real perfection we can all agree that the swiss are on a very strong path towards true greatness in every aspect of life did you find this interesting do you

Live in switzerland or have you visited this country don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions with us and join us next time on planet explore You

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