Wooden watches

Sign of a greater sensitivity to ecology? The wooden watches made a breakthrough in recent years. Just look at the growing number of creations from brands specializing in the niche of wooden watches to be convinced.

Wood is more than just a material. This fundamental element of nature is haloed with such symbolic power that it is not surprising that watchmakers have been using it for a very long time.

In addition to its usefulness in the manufacture of tools and objects, wood allows fire. The tree is also seen as a link between the earth and the sky. These symbols are perfectly associated with that of time and make wood an element that brings us a strong emotional baggage.

The wood was widely used to adorn and decorate the clocks, clocks and cuckoo clocks. Its malleability allows it to be cut, sculpted, painted, used as a base material to combine with other materials, etc.


Its acoustic properties are also very useful in the context of striking clocks.

Let’s focus on the wooden watch and the advantages (and disadvantages) of the material in their design.


The advantages of wooden watches

  1. They are ecological (still it is necessary to make sure of its origin of the wood).
  2. They are unique. It’s hard to find two perfectly identical wooden watches.
  3. They are hypoallergenic.
  4. They are very light. I have a watch whose case, dial and even the strap are all in wood, I don’t feel it on my wrist.
  5. There are many species of wood to suit all tastes: acacia, whitebeam, amaranth, ebony, spruce, maple, bamboo, rosewood, palm, etc.
  6. If you get lost on an island and need to start a fire, you can burn it down.

The disadvantages of wooden watches

  1. Wood is not as durable as steel. A wooden watch is sensitive to knocks and scratches.
  2. Don’t even imagine bathing with a wooden watch.
  3. The color of the wood can evolve according to its nature.

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