Quartz or automatic watch: which to choose?

Which is the Better Choice: Quartz or Automatic Watch?

Movement, weight, price… All the criteria to take into account before making your choice between a quartz or automatic watch.

Summary :

  1. An essential choice
  2. Their respective functioning
  3. Notable differences

1. An essential choice

Watches vary significantly in functionality, movement, style, and even design. Like us human beings, none are really alike. At Swiss Made Watch, we like to think that fashion accessories are extensions of those who wear them. They respond to one of their needs and resemble them in a certain way. This is why it is essential to clearly define your type of watch before buying.

Before asking the slightest question, you must first answer this one: quartz or automatic watch? The watch movement is what drives your watch. It must prevail over everything else. According to your answer, you must first know that one is completely independent and the other requires a certain rigor on your part. This is one of the few differences between the two families. Far from being a detail, it is a criterion that you must consider in order to ensure the best possible experience.

A tocante is an accessory that is worn on a recurring basis. We wear it regardless of our outfit of the day or the place where we go. Unlike a piece of jewelry, for example, which we will carefully select so that it best compliments our clothes. A watchmaking jewel never leaves you; ease of use is therefore essential. Your watch should fit perfectly on your wrist and bend to your every demand.

2. The respective operation of the quartz or automatic watch

THE quartz movement is the most widely used in watchmaking. If it is also established today, it is mainly thanks to its practicality. It works completely independently thanks to the only presence of a battery.

More concretely, the movement of the needle is generated by the piezoelectric effect. This occurs when a quartz stone is put under tension by an electric current. The physical reaction thus drives the activity of the cell.

An infallible mechanism that delights all its users. Precise, autonomous, it brings together all the qualities of a reliable accessory. It is also strongly recommended for novices in watchmaking, for example, who do not wish to bother with an object that is too complex. The most seasoned also appreciate and perpetuate the tradition of quartz.

Note that a show quartz woman or man does not necessarily indicate the time. It can also enter the date, measure time intervals with precision thanks to its chronograph function or even indicate the phases of the moon. It lends itself to many other fantasies.

It is said to be the most eco-responsible watch of all. For what ? Neither battery nor other system powers it. She lives in complete autarky. His only Kryptonite is you.

The automatic watch is a mechanical watch. It only works if you give it the energy to do so. All you have to do is wear your watch at regular intervals. The automation is based on several dependent parts. These engage each other and maintain the activity of the movement. When you walk, work or play sports, you therefore also power your accessory.

If the watch charges when I wear it, what happens when I don’t? There is what is called the “power reserve”. This reserve designates the autonomy of the jewel; the duration varies depending on the movement used. Swiss Made Watch works with the Japanese company Citizen Miyota whose mechanisms guarantee nearly 42 hours of delay. Once this period has passed, you will then have to proceed with manual winding.

Easy to handle, the men watch automatique or woman is highly recommended for both novices and experts. It only induces a commitment to wear it daily or to have to adjust it regularly.

3. Notable differences

Quartz or automatic watch differ in many other aspects. Inherited from their movements or not, these reasons may influence your decision.

As we have just seen, an automatic watch is more complex than a quartz watch. The battery usually present has been replaced by other cogs that are more numerous and bulkier by definition. The case itself bears witness to this. Its volume is more imposing. Indeed, it is impossible to package the entire auto mechanism in a case usually housing a quartz. This is not intended for this purpose.

With an automatic model, you should therefore expect the watch to be thicker and take up more space on the wrist.

The caliber of the case also directly influences its weight.

For comparison, our best-selling quartz Como (Lake collection) weighs 35 grams and our automatic skeleton Caesar for men weighs 62. This difference is also explained by the general look of the range which is imposing by nature.

Same comparison for our women’s models: the date quartz watch Spirit Harmony weighs 30 grams and its automatic counterpart Odyssey weighs 39. The difference is not necessarily obvious.

Note that the weights given include the case, dial and bracelet.

And finally the price. Much more widespread, the quartz movement has the advantage of being much easier to produce and therefore less expensive. The automatic movement requires more advanced expertise and more labor. This is also why Swiss Made Watch chose Miyota, a Japanese manufacturer widely recognized for its value for money.

In our catalog, the quartz watch starts at 99 euros. The price obviously evolves according to the model and its subtleties. The price of an automatic skeleton watch starts from 300 euros. This difference is explained in particular by the difference in difficulty of realization, but also by the DNA of the watch whose aesthetics are chic and luxurious.

Rather watch quartz or automatic? No matter which model you choose, Swiss Made Watch provides you with advice through various blog articles and practical guides. How to maintain your accessory, how to do some repairs yourself, explanations of the different mechanisms… You have questions, we have the answer.

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