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What makes the Garmin vivoactive collection worth choosing?

Are you looking to buy a versatile GPS watch that will accompany you during all your activities? The vivoactive collection from Garmin will be ideal for you. The brand of watches well known for these models of connected timepieces presents this range with multiple and very interesting features, but above all, more versatile than ever. Want to know a little more? You are in the right place. Here are the reasons why it is good to opt for the vivoactive collection from Garmin.

Overview of the vivoactive collection from Garmin

A true leader in the connected watch market, the Garmin brand has decided to hit hard with its collection called Vivoactive, and in particular with the latest model released on the market, number 4.

The objective for the brand was to offer all sports people a model of watch capable of providing real help for all physical activities.

Indeed, there are many features, whether at the level of the classic GPS, but also sensors, in particular allowing you to measure your heart rate without any difficulty.

A little extra of the watch, its sober and refined design will allow you to wear it on your wrist outside your sports sessions, it being adapted to a style both daily and professional.

The features of the vivoactive 4 watch from Garmin

Of course, what interests you is the features of this connected watch model. This is what we are going to see now together.

Very good ergonomics of use

One of the main advantages of the watch is its ergonomics. Indeed, with its touch screen with a diameter of 33 mm or 28 mm, you will be able to change the information indicated on your screen very easily and quickly. Considerable advantage for not wasting time during your sports session.

You can also reach two physical buttons that will pause a workout, or end it.

Lots of sensors

If the watch is, as its name suggests, equipped with a very good quality GPS sensor, that’s not all.

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It also presents the presence of a cardio optical sensor from a whole new generation. The latter will allow you to measure your heart rate during your physical activities.

But there are also others such as:

  • a Galileo sensor
  • a barometric altimeter
  • a gyroscope
  • an accelerometer
  • a thermometer
  • a pulse oximeter

Yes, if you were looking for a complete and effective connected watch model, it’s all found!

A multisport watch

If you don’t practice just one sport, but a multitude of physical activities, don’t worry. Indeed, this watch from the vivoactive range is a real multisport watch.

It offers different programs to adapt to a very large number of activities such as cycling, running, but also swimming or even yoga and pilates.

In addition, you will be able to download different personalized training programs thanks to an intelligent coach functionality. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just need to download the Garmin Coach or Garmin Connect applications. You will find multiple phases, with interval training, for example.

Exercise to music with the vivoactive 4 from Garmin

How can we talk about this new connected watch model from the Garmin brand without mentioning its main innovation: the music player!

These days, few people don’t enjoy listening to music during their workouts. And, to make life easier for its users, the brand has decided to integrate a music player into its watch which will allow athletes to be able to synchronize their playlists on different streaming platforms.

For the more old school among you, you can also choose to download MP3 files.

As you will have understood, this watch has everything it takes to be the new favorite watch for athletes. Functional to accompany you during your training, it will also be functional for everyday life.

Indeed, its little extra is that it is equipped with the contactless payment function. This is possible thanks to the Garmin Pay functionality.

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