What Are the Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Watch?

The purchase of a luxury watch is a real investment, but the fruits of this investment are powerful and more numerous than you might think. Here are 4 reasons to buy a luxury watch.

1- Pleasure

This is probably the most important reason: pleasure. What a pleasure to wear such a jewel on the wrist! We are of course talking about a mechanical watch with a Swiss movement or a good Japanese movement. First choose a model that you like, try it on because we are sometimes surprised at the difference between the photo (often the “renderings” on the brands’ websites do not necessarily do justice to the piece) and reality. Select the dial you like, the brand that speaks to you, the complications you like (GMT? Chronograph? Moon phases? etc.), think about the use (city, off-road, etc.), put the watch on wrist to see if the case size fits your wrist.

2- The return on investment

Scarcity is a source of value. By choosing the right brand and model, your watch’s rating can go up in flames. Just look at the prices of used Rolex watches which are higher than the prices of new watches (about 1.5 times the price). The reason ? You have to wait a good year to obtain the right to acquire a “simple” Rolex Submariner (imagine the waiting time for a Pepsi, a Batman or a Daytona…)!

This is not the case for all makes and models. Thus, the second-hand market can be very interesting for “trading” second-hand watches for sale and purchase.

3- Social impact

We’re not going to lie to each other, wearing a luxury watch on your wrist is a strong social symbol. Thus, this watch can be of service to you, because even if the dress does not make the monk, in certain situations, the watch can modify the vision of your or your interlocutors on you and favor you in a professional context, in particular.

4- Capital on the wrist

It is not for nothing that it is said that certain great reporters who covered major conflicts wore a Rolex which could constitute a currency of exchange in the event of capture.

Your luxury watch is a concentrate of value in a small, timeless object, despite its function, and which can be passed on to your descendants, and that’s really very cool.

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