What are the different BOLLWERK jewelry watches?

BOLLWERK is both a jewelry store and a watchmaker. You can see inside its showcases vast types of jewelry like rings or bracelets. As a jeweler, it is also specialized in diamonds. It is not uncommon to see the gemstone on jewels. In his role as a watchmaker, you will also see men’s and women’s watches. She is even a retailer of the Rolex brand.

What are the varieties of watches?

To see all BOLLWERK items, you can come to its physical stores located in Belfort and Mulhouse. It is all the more possible to consult belfort jewelry products. Three versions of watches are perceptible at the watchmaker. You will come across mechanical, automatic and quartz watches. They are all suitable for men.

For its part, it is extremely rare to see mechanical watches on women. According to the information, it is already necessary to refute the theses that women do not appreciate well-oiled mechanical movements and men’s watches.

That being said, the large diameter of its models sometimes poses a problem from a purely aesthetic point of view. It should not be forgotten that the functions of the device now go beyond a simple timepiece. Consumers will also have to prioritize the look. This is also the reason that pushes the craftsman to vary the colors of the case and the bracelet. They can incorporate precious stones. And sometimes, they are designed with noble materials.

The different movements of a clock

The varieties of watches announced above actually translate into movements. Quartz clocks are based on the piezoelectric principle. To simplify, the mineral is able to generate electricity after reaching a level of pressure. Here the Quartz will be powered by a battery. After this phenomenon, it will vibrate inside the watch. Battery life is approximately two years. They are precise. They can be with analog display (hands) or digital. In both situations, there remains a difference in the operation of the electrical impulses.

Automatic watches do not require batteries. They are lifted only after contact with your wrist. They work thanks to a part called a rotor. It is a circular disc initiating pivot movements.

Mechanical watches are wound with the crown. They also do not require a battery. There are two categories of mechanical watches. Or, you cross the automatic ranges. Either, you orient your choices on the manual winding versions. If you have a picky profile, the mechanical models will be perfect for you. However, it would be necessary to pay substantial sums to benefit from its authenticity.

The selection criteria for a watch

The purchase of a watch calls for the consideration of a few criteria. First, there are brands that position themselves on specific skills. By way of example, it is possible to advertise specialized manufacturers without sports watches. Others are known for luxury and prestige. It is planned to talk about Rolex. Find out about the values ​​of the manufacturers.

The bracelets are edited with various materials and colors. You can discover leather, rubber, steel… The women’s versions feature shades such as pink. They will also see black watches to convey discretion. Just make sure the bracelets are durable. A watch should not extend past your wrist. This is a crucial rule for a stylish look.

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