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What are the differences between wooden watches and classic watches?

How about wearing a wooden watch on your wrist? Indeed, it may seem strange to use this material to make timepieces, but it seems to be a very good alternative to classic watch models. It is not for nothing that the latter are also very successful with a large public of watch lovers. So, want to know a little more? Here are the differences between wooden watches and classic watches!

An original style

Of course, we should first talk about the style of these wooden watch models.

When we know that wood is certainly one of the most noble materials that nature offers us, using it to make watches then becomes much more logical.

Built in wood, these watches allow you to stand out by adopting a more original style, inspired by nature and its wonders. And it’s even better for anyone who likes to stand out, because wood being a unique material, no other watch will be the same. Indeed, each model will be the result of work on a different piece of wood.

Finally, like fine wine, your watch will improve over time. The wood will work, change appearance to approach an even more authentic air.

Take a step for nature

As you can imagine, wooden watches are also a very good alternative for our planet. But beware, if and only these come from sustainable bamboo forests, where a tree is replanted directly after cutting.

If this type of production makes it possible to greatly help the environment by favoring the tree plant, this is not the case everywhere.

Make sure that the wood used to make your watch comes from a fast-growing sustainable resource such as bamboo. Otherwise, you may well participate in the destruction of our beautiful planet.

Maximum comfort

Comfort is one of the main criteria that we look for before buying a watch. If you want to wear a particularly light and pleasant watch, wooden watches are made for you:

  • lightness
  • heat resistance
  • not conductive to heat like metal
characteristics of wooden watches

So many advantages that will allow you to wear your timepiece throughout the day, even in summer, because the latter, unlike metal models, do not become hot on hot days.

No risk of allergy

It may seem trivial, but it is important to say that wooden watches present very little risk of allergy.

Indeed, thanks to the absence of material or metal that can be allergenic, but also to the hypoallergenic virtue of wood, no risk of irritation and itching.

The best wooden watches

Do you want to buy a wooden timepiece model? Here are some models to which you should turn!

The Nebula California watch from DWYT

Among the top of the ranking of wooden watches is the Nebula California watch.

As fine as it is elegant, the entire Nebula range presents refined and original models, all inspired by the spectacle of the astral nebulae.

Both the case and the dial are created to convey an authentic look in keeping with the noble material that makes up the watch.

Do not worry, delicacy does not necessarily mean fragility, because this watch is protected by a sapphire crystal, and is equipped with very good water resistance.

A model that we recommend even more for women, whose finesse should catch the eye.

Wewood’s Kappa Black wooden watch

If you prefer a little more raw and rustic models, then the Kappa Black wooden watch will be perfect.

With its black wood, you will wear a unique model that will gain character over time. It will be very pleasant for you to see your watch age with the passing seasons.

You will be wearing a magnificent example of the beauty of what our planet has to offer on your wrist, so why not take advantage of it?

You now know everything you need to know about wooden watch models!

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