Testing and Reviewing the Fossil Watch

Testing and Reviewing the Fossil WatchThe watch is a piece of jewelry that has long been seen as a symbol of elegance serving solely as a timepiece for its user. Over the years it has undergone several modifications and since then it is more than just telling the time and already assists other devices via connectivity. Its technology has evolved so much that despite the presence of Android smartphones we still need to have it on our wrist. The watch has therefore become an essential accessory to make your daily life easier by being a bridge between you and your electronic devices. If you find this amazing and are interested look into it the Fossil watch which is packed with functionality. This is a connected watch that has modern technology that will meet your needs whatever your daily activity.

Opinions “for” and “against” the Fossil watch

  • Very nice design
  • Thin and light
  • Average waterproofness
  • Multiple functions
  • Customizing the dial
  • Bracelet interchangeable
  • Good autonomy
  • Some accessories provided
  • Only for women
  • Non-adjustable bracelet
  • Slightly complex setup

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Very nice design

1696060155 652 Testing and Reviewing the Fossil WatchThe manufacturer of this connected watch, Fossil, has really taken care to ensure that this accessory perfectly embellishes the wrist of all the ladies who wear it. Its design has not been neglected at all to the detriment of all the functions it has. Just look first at its bracelet which is entirely silver in color. With a dial with black outline and small diamonds all around and in the middle of the bracelet. This design is worked down to detail and perfectly suits the taste of those who love shiny jewelry. Thanks to this silver color it will go perfectly with any style of clothing. Whether for a romantic outing, for work, or for a simple stroll, the Fossil watch will be suitable.

Thin and light

Lightness matters a lot for a watch because it is an accessory that you may be required to wear throughout the day. With a watch that weighs and is big on your hand you will not feel comfortable. So rest assured because the Fossil connected watch is so thin and light that you will quickly forget that you have a piece of jewelry on your hand. It is even this model that is recommended if you need a gadget to accompany you every day. If you are interested in this jewel, know that it has a weight of only 230 grams with dimensions of 8 x 12 x 11 cm. You will easily succeed in combining business with pleasure with this watch that you will no longer want to take off your wrist thanks to its light and compact measurements.

Average waterproofness

1696060155 807 Testing and Reviewing the Fossil WatchThis Fossil watch is particularly robust and solid thanks to its stainless steel finishes. Steel is a material that does not rust on contact with water or even on contact with sweat. But that’s not all, because in addition to these reliable finishes the watch also has average water resistance. All these elements make it an ultra-practical everyday watch that is suitable for long-term use. You can rest easy because once you have the watch on your wrist you can go anywhere without worrying about the weather. Its waterproofness goes up to 3 ATM and that means it can withstand rain, splashes, sweat, dust and more.

Multiple functions

The primary function of this Fossil connected watch is to allow you to tell the time. However, it is also very useful for you on a daily basis thanks to all the additional features it has. Indeed, it is a piece of jewelry that is capable of monitoring your heart rate during all your physical activity whatever it may be. In addition, it can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology and is responsible for informing you of all the different notifications from this phone. A GPS is integrated into it to calculate your distance traveled and to listen to music recorded directly on your watch. Your smartphone’s Play List can be controlled at the watch level without needing to take your device out of the bag.

Customizing the dial

You can have fun with this jewel by choosing the theme of your screen in order to give it more finesse and beauty on your wrist. Thanks to its touchscreen and responsive you can easily make your gadget unique by even using your photos from Facebook and others to display them. The choices are multiple and endless, you can change the dial whenever you want at any time. All themes and colors are already pre-installed in the watch settings and it’s up to you to select the one that suits you best. You even have the possibility to choose several themes and display them on thescreen in panoramic mode to have more fun each time you use the watch.

Bracelet interchangeable

The strap of this watch is not adjustable but at least it is an interchangeable model and it is very reassuring to know that. The watch strap can easily deteriorate while the dial is still in good condition and you don’t want to change your watch right away. If this happens with the Fossil connected watch, you just need to change the bracelet while keeping the dial. It’s really a good thing to be able to change the strap of a watch when necessary and keep the dial without any changes. All features on the watch will not change if you decide to change the strap. Thanks to this interchangeable strap you can enjoy this watch for a very long time.

Good autonomy

With all the work that the Fossil connected watch has to do on a daily basis to satisfy you, the use of a battery would be quite limited. This is why the jewel works with a battery which is rechargeable by the user. What is really reassuring about this battery is that it is a solid model which offers you good daily autonomy. In fact, once you have fully charged the watch it is capable of still holding 24 hours before claiming the charge. So you can use your accessory throughout the day and only charge it again in the evening when you get home.

Some accessories provided

With the difficult configuration of this Fossil smartwatch, not everyone can easily manage to use it without any help. For this, you will see in the box some accessories in the delivery box capable of helping you in its use. A wireless charger is included among these accessories to allow you to charge the watch if necessary. Then you have a quick start guide and warranty booklet for the temporary security of your watch. This is a very important quick start guide for you to easily understand how the watch works.

Only for women

There are unisex watches on the market that everyone can wear without exception because of their design. Well, know that this Fossil connected watch is not one of them and that’s a shame for the men who are interested in it. It is a model that is only suitable for women because of its shiny and glittery finishes. Indeed, the design and color of this watch have nothing to do with the masculine style of men. And even if it has several features that might interest you, it is better to look elsewhere if you are a man. On the other hand, the watch will make a very good gift idea for the ladies in your family or those close to you.

Non-adjustable bracelet

Wrist size is often a serious issue when buying a watch because you can have people with large wrists and others with very small wrists. This is why some watches are designed with adjustable straps to accommodate the wrist size of all users. But the designer of this Fossil watch did not focus on this aspect and the watch has a standard size. Unfortunately, it was made with a bracelet that you cannot adjust according to the size of your wrist. This is the type of watch that should be worn without being too tight on the wrist. If you like models that hold your wrist entirely, the Fossil connected watch will not be suitable.

Slightly complex setup

The particularity of this Fossil watch is that it not only tells the time but has several other interesting features for the user. But the problem with this model is that these features are not automatically configured on the device for easy use. No adjustments have been made beforehand and it is each user who must configure the watch after purchase and according to their convenience. Despite a touch screen and several operation buttons, adjusting the watch will not be easy for a person who is not used to this type of gadget. Its configuration is really complex and if you don’t read the manual supplied with the watch you risk not understanding anything about how it works. However, it is important to know how to handle such a watch otherwise it will only be useful for telling the time.

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