Louis Erard automatic watch – Test and review

Reviewing the Louis Erard Automatic Watch

Appreciated both for its design and for its temporal role, the watch presents itself as a piece of jewelry that everyone unanimously appreciates. It has become a real necessity in offices, training stadiums, classrooms, in short everywhere. Having evolved over time, it now presents itself in a more practical appearance with a portable design. As it is now intended to accompany its users everywhere and at all times, the watch is no longer just an indicator, but a real daily assistant. This is also how the model presents itself Louis Erard Excellence Regulator. Need to know a little more about it? You will undoubtedly find the information you are looking for about this magnificent watch in the following lines.

The “pluses” and “minuses” of the Louis Erard Excellence Regulator watch

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Authentic and complete packaging
  • Plural functions
  • Very good readability of the dial
  • Fully waterproof
  • Adjustable bracelet

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High quality manufacturing

Choosing your watch is certainly not to be taken lightly. So, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you set your sights on a very good quality piece of jewelry. Louis Erard is therefore committed to providing you with reliable jewelry of the highest quality. This is how you can see that the case of this watch is made of pure steel. In fact, the steel used here has been processed with utmost care to achieve a pure finish.

Also, Louis Erard opted for very high quality leather to design the watch strap. We are quickly tempted to ask ourselves why this material and not another? Well, note that leather is highly prized by watchmakers for its balance between flexibility and roughness. A leather bracelet therefore contributes not only to the beauty of the jewel, but also to comfort when wearing it. Your wrist will therefore not be irritated or suffocated after several hours of wear.

The high quality of this Swiss-made watch is also seen in its dial. He is featuring a sapphire crystal bezel which offers very good visibility of the hands, numbers and even the date. This type of glass also offers very high resistance to impacts and scratches, hence its choice by the designer. That said, the Excellence Regulator is not only suitable for all tastes, but also for all circumstances.

Authentic and complete packaging

If you want to buy a high-end watch, it’s because you like to pay attention to the details. Therefore, we will have to look well beyond the packaging. Not all products packaged in attractive packaging deserve your trust. In the case of this automatic watch in particular, the packaging says a lot about the reliability, durability and quality of the product in question. To begin with, the Excellence Regulator is delivered in an original box. This means that the brand stamp is indeed visible on this box, which reassures that the product truly comes from the Swiss watchmaker Louis Erard.

In addition, this luxury watch comes with original papers which provide information on all the characteristics of the watch. The manufacturer does not provide all of this to the purchaser out of pure formality. Indeed, it is a guarantee of the authenticity of the product in question, especially since this watch could have several “fake” models. In order to establish the originality of this high-class jewel, the designer opted for a deep engraving of the brand in strategic places of the jewel and even the package. So, at first glance, we can easily understand that here we are dealing not with a replica, but with an original specimen.

Plural functions

Multifunctional gadgets abound in stores. It’s almost rare to find an item that only has one function, because the time has come for multiple functions in products. This manufacturer of the Excellence Regulator has therefore joined the dance by giving this model several functions. So, it won’t just serve as a watch. It will also be your calendar and your compass. This watch model even hasa small seconds dial, to be more precise in calculating time. What is particularly remarkable is the skill with which Erard was able to arrange these different functions in a single watch. We know very well that these jewels are not very sturdy and the only usable space is the dial. And yet, the manufacturer of the Regulator was able to put its different functions together without one encroaching on the other. This is a matter of great know-how that we know well from this watchmaker.

Very good readability of the dial

If we thought about making the clock mobile and wearable through watches, it is for a specific reason. In fact, it allows you to check the time anywhere and anytime. However, what would be the point of having a watch with a small dial that you always have to peer at to tell the time? Not much! The point is that this piece of jewelry should be able to tell you something at a glance, no matter how stealthy it may be. For this, the Swiss watchmaker Louis Erard opted for a dial of 42mm diameter on this model.

With such a measurement, the index fingers are clearly visible. Furthermore, these are presented on a transparent and screwed back which only aims for easy readability of the time. Also, this watch has a dial covered with a bezel in sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective coating on both sides. In other words, you will have no difficulty viewing it even under the sun. So, you will certainly enjoy wearing it during your little outings to the beach in the middle of summer.

Fully waterproof

When you find yourself stuck in the middle of the street in the rain, one of the first instincts you have is to take the watch off your wrist to protect it from the raindrops. Once you forget to do it, it’s a disaster, since water seeps into the case and paralyzes the operating system. But it should be noted that this is a reflex that you will not need to execute with this Louis Erard watch. It is designed with a 100% waterproof system. No need to worry that water will put it out of service, since the designer has indeed anticipated this type of inconvenience. The surroundings of the bezel are well welded. Then there is no intermediate space through which water could seep. With such features, this all-season watch will serve you well, whatever the weather.

Adjustable bracelet

People are different and yet they are all targeted by the products sold in commercial spaces. Therefore, it is normal that for items like watches, designers plan to satisfy all body types. Failing to make tailor-made models, Louis Erard has included a bracelet in the Excellence Regulator adjustable by 22 mm wide which is very practical. Indeed, it comes in the form of a strip of pure leather dotted with linear holes separated by equal intervals. Not all watch enthusiasts have the same preferences when it comes to wearing this piece of jewelry.

While some prefer the bracelet to sit right on the wrist, others prefer more flexibility. It is therefore to find the right balance that watchmakers like Louis Erard have opted for a bracelet adjustable to several heights. So, whether you have a thin or full wrist, you can covet this watch without complexes, since there is a very small chance that you will run into a mismatch. Moreover, thanks to the different holes, you will have the choice between several diameters, which will allow the watch in question to fit you exactly as you wish.

Price too high

After passing the various reliability tests, we tackle the value of this watch. In reality, it may surprise you, but this high-quality watch doesn’t come cheap. It is not easily acquired, because it requires having enough bank notes. In fact, the Excellence Regulator enters the big leagues with a quality-price ratio that remains unaffordable for small budgets. Certainly when you don’t have a lot of money, it’s better not to covet super expensive jewelry like this watch, but that doesn’t justify why it is so expensive.

Even if all watches are not created equal, it is a little difficult to understand why such a common piece of jewelry should cost so much. The manufacturer has certainly used his know-how, his great experience and even fine materials to put together this magnificent jewel. He is therefore within his rights to set the price he wants. However, offering such an expensive watch means putting aside all the small budgets who just want to have a watch that will highlight them. Louis Erard could see to what extent to also involve them in his targets.

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