Review of the Fossil Connected Watch

Review of the Fossil Connected WatchWatch technology has evolved so much these days that it still retains its place on the wrist despite the use of Android smartphones. Moreover, one of its main functions is to connect to your cell phone to make it even easier and simpler to use. If you are looking for a connected watch, you might like the Fossil model. It is an accessory that stands out from the others thanks to all the different modern technologies that it integrates and which correspond to your needs. Whatever your daily activity, this model of Fossil smart watch is what suits you. We simply invite you to follow this guide for more details on this gadget.

Opinions “for” and “against” the fossil connected watch

  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Multifunction device
  • Robust, waterproof design
  • Touchscreen and fluid
  • Very good autonomy
  • Customizable dial
  • Ultra-fast charging
  • Non-adjustable bracelet
  • Configuration complexe

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Compatible with all smartphones

This fossil connected watch is a rather special model which also stands out from several watches on the market thanks to its compatibility with smartphones. It is equipped with another dimension of technology that allows it to easily connect to your cell phone regardless of the brand. With the fossil watch you will no longer miss any phone calls or messages from your loved ones even if you are not near your smartphone. Indeed, the watch is quite intelligent and receive all app notifications and reminders from your phone.

So, without needing to look at your phone at all times, you will see all your calls and messages left by your loved ones through the watch. All you have to do is call them back or respond to their messages once you are able to do so. It’s a really practical piece of jewelry which at the same time makes it easier for you to use your smartphone.

Multifunction device

1695368756 483 Review of the Fossil Connected WatchNowadays, some watches are no longer limited to just telling the time but offer much more than that to users and the fossil smartwatch is one of them. Indeed, in addition to serving as a timepiece, this watch is able to accompany you throughout your daily physical and sporting activities. This model has a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, altimeter and much more to allow you to monitor your physical efforts. With an integrated wireless GPS the watch tracks your distance traveled per day and allows you to listen to music recorded directly on the watch.

Thanks to its compatibility with smartphones you can control the Play beds of your music without needing to take your device out of your pocket or bag. You also have functions such as alarm, calendar, time zone, and many more just using this fossil smartwatch.

Robust, waterproof design

Once you buy this fossil connected watch, you benefit from a fairly solid and robust piece of jewelry capable of withstanding several shocks and even bad weather. It is an accessory which is designed from superior quality material such as stainless steel. We all know that it is a material which is very reliable and which does not rust either in contact with water or in contact with sweat. You will therefore be able to wear your watch for a very long time without ever having a problem.

In addition to this, it is a model that wins a waterproofness of at least 3 ATM and that you can take absolutely anywhere when you travel. With this fossil connected watch you will be able to travel the world without needing to take it off your arm once. It is a watch that is suitable for all types of travel, even for a walk in the woods, for swimming, and many others because it is able to resist water and dust.

Touchscreen and fluid

1695368756 325 Review of the Fossil Connected WatchIf the ease of use of certain devices is achieved through their touch screens, this is also the case for the fossil connected watch. You are dealing here with a piece of jewelry that is very easy to handle by everyone thanks to the presence of a touch screen and super responsive which has integrated the designer. It is through this screen that you will be able to easily make all the settings of the watch according to your expectations at any time of the day. Even the configuration of the device is done from this screen and it is really fluid to allow you to have quick access to each function. You don’t need to double-tap an icon for it to react. With just one click you select the function of your choice and moving from one window to another is quite quick. It is a screen which also has a practical LED lighting for using the watch in low light conditions.

Very good autonomy

Normally, to take advantage of all the functions of this fossil connected watch without any problem, you need a solid battery capable of supporting you for long hours without any recharging. Fortunately, this is what this accessory is able to offer you through its small solid battery because a battery would not be able to satisfy you. The watch has so many functions that there is only one battery life. 24 hours and more which can be the solution for all users. Depending on the use of the watch, this 24-hour battery life can be extended by 2 additional days, especially if you are in economic mode. So you can charge your watch every night and go out with it in the morning without needing additional charging during the day. You will be able to use all the functions you need without easily running out of energy.

Customizable dial

Many users like to be able to have fun personalizing the watch face according to their convenience and unfortunately many models do not offer this possibility. Then you should jump at the chance to have this watch if this is also what you are looking for in a smartwatch. With the fossil watch, you choose the theme of your dial and all the colors that will be presented there. The theme it comes with is standard and from its different settings you can modify everything as you wish. You can therefore easily give more finesse and beauty to your watch so that it has a little more shine once on your wrist. Her touchscreen and responsive is what will make this action quick and efficient to do at any time. What’s even nice about this watch is that it gives you the ability to change your theme using your photos from Facebook and others to display them.

Ultra-fast charging

You obviously need a long battery life with this connected watch to allow you to make the most of its functions without any recharging. However, depending on each user, this autonomy that the designer offers you may prove insufficient. This is certainly why he made this watch a product that recharges quite quickly. Please note that this fossil connected watch is supplied with a magnetic charger with which you will be able to quickly charge your watch. Which means that if necessary, your fossil watch is capable of recharging. up to 80% in just one hour dump. You therefore understand that it is a product that is capable of being recharged quickly to continue to serve you. Thanks to this magnetic charger, even after just thirty minutes of charging, you can already have enough to turn your watch back on.

Non-adjustable bracelet

More and more items are ordered on the internet and with this method it is difficult to try a product and be certain that it will be able to please you as it should. To overcome this problem with watches, several designers have chosen to use bracelets that are easily adjustable and adjustable according to the consumer. But the manufacturer of this fossil connected watch did not think of this type of bracelet and it’s a bit of a shame for the user. The bracelet of this model has a single, standard size that you cannot easily adjust to your size. You will then certainly be disappointed to find after receiving the package that the watch does not fit well on your wrist or that it is not even enough at all. However, with an adjustable bracelet everyone would find what they were looking for and adjust the height of the bracelet according to their expectations and the size of their wrist.

Configuration complexe

The fossil smartwatch offers a ton of functionality to its users and all settings must be made by the user themselves. This is where there is a problem because no adjustments have been made beforehand by the designer and it will not be easy to do so simply. The watch is very small and even if it has a touch screen it is not easy to have direct access to certain functions. Many consumers will have difficulty finding what they are looking for and will quickly move on to something else. Especially amateurs and those who have never had to deal with this kind of gadget before. Furthermore, it will be a shame to have such a smart watch and not be able to benefit from all the features it offers. Since its configuration is not so easy, you may need to refer to the quick start guide with which the watch comes.

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