Comparison of the 10 best Delsey suitcases of 2023

A Comparative Analysis of the Top 10 Delsey Suitcases in 2023

Delsey is a brand of suitcases and luggage which is present not only in France, but also internationally. Its items are both robust and durable, made with particularly selected materials to give them a long lifespan. Beyond the superior quality of its products, let us also note their resistance. Delsey suitcases will be the special subject of this guide. The suitcases are different and will please all tastes, in terms of color and design. You want to travel in complete safety, the Delsey range is the perfect compromise between safety, maneuverability and robustness. Finally say goodbye to suitcases worn out after a short time of use, the closures deteriorate quickly. Find below the comparison of 10 Best Delsey Suitcases of 2023carefully selected.

The best Delsey cabin suitcase

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VISA DELSEY Low Cost Expandable Soft Cabin Suitcase PIN UP5 Black

The Delsey low cost cabin suitcase is ideal for your weekends and short trips. Very pretty because of its black color, it has two 420D polyester wheels and its support feet are very solid, which gives it perfect stability. Cabin format, it has generous dimensions (20/23x55x35 cm) to accommodate a large part of your clothes and accessories necessary for your stay. It has a telescopic pull handle with height-adjustable press button to avoid you having to bend over for any handling. Its side and top carrying handle makes it easier to carry so you can move around more easily. Well equipped, its interior equipment includes a main compartment, a zipped mesh storage pocket and large holding straps. On the outside, there are two front zipped address pockets.

  • Ultra resistant
  • Very convenient
  • Good quality
  • Perfectly equipped
  • Zipped opening
  • Small capacity
  • Fragile telescopic rod

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The best Delsey Moncey suitcase

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Delsey Moncey 4-wheel suitcase Size L Gray

With four silent wheels, the Delsey Moncey suitcase is recommended for your travels. Made of polymer, it is ultra-resistant and will be an essential ally for your travels in all seasons. Its beautiful interior volumes will delight all globetrotters and all clothes will be perfectly classified, the folds maintained. On the outside, it has a side closure with TSA pressure, top and bottom closure by automatic pressure for greater comfort in use. Its interior contains a 150 D polyester lining, a flat pocket, a zipped compartment and adjustable clothing straps. Very practical, don’t worry if you have wet items: it has a recommended pocket for wet items. Very rigid, it is the guarantee of a safe trip at the right time.

  • Top strength
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Raincoat
  • TSA code lock
  • Nice color
  • Heavy
  • Very small wheels

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The best Delsey ABS suitcase

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Delsey ABS-3446 Cabin Suitcase 4 Wheels

The Desley ABS-3446 is a carry-on suitcase that has four solid casters for perfect stability. She is equipped with interior elastic straps, a telescopic handle for greater comfort. Its large volume (101-110 L) allows clothes to maintain their original condition without being wrinkled when you arrive. Very rigid, it is made of ABS material, which makes it resistant and allows it to be used for a long time. Recommended for your travels, you will be guaranteed to arrive with your suitcase undeformed and all your clothes in perfect condition. Its textile interior is comfortable and will hold clothes perfectly. Perfectly manageable, you will no longer have to worry about handling your suitcase. Both for simple vacationers and professionals, it reveals a very good level of practicality.

  • Hard shell
  • Aesthetic exterior
  • Telescopic handle
  • Practical interior
  • Interior elastic straps
  • High price
  • A little heavy

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The best Delsey Belmont suitcase

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Delsey Belmont 4-wheel expandable suitcase Size L 76 cm Metallic blue

The Delsey expandable suitcase with four multi-directional wheels is perfectly balanced for good support on the ground. With its optimal interior volume, everything you have planned for the trip will be well arranged inside this suitcase. It offers excellent value for money and is made from a special material, it is both light and durable and will accompany you for a long time during your travels. Equipped with TSA combination lock and mouth sliders, it is fully lined in polyester. Its carrying side handle will facilitate transport when the trolley system is not in use. Inside, it has a zipped pocket, a zipped compartment with lining and fastening straps. It offers a wide choice of sizes and colors to meet all your desires.

  • Secure
  • Shock resistant
  • Beautiful colors available
  • Integrated high handle
  • Very convenient

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The best Delsey Chatelet suitcase

A Comparative Analysis of the Top 10 Delsey Suitcases in
Delsey Hard Suitcases Chatelet Air Suitcase 82 Cm Chocolate Size Xl Xl Long Stay Brown

Ideal for your long stays, the Delsey Chatelet air 82 cm rigid suitcase combines elegance and innovation to allow you to travel in absolute comfort. With its beautiful leather finishes, it made from 100% virgin polycarbonate is very resistant. Thanks to its four multi-directional wheels and its telescopic traction handle, it moves easily. You can also easily carry it by hand using one of its two reinforced carrying handles: one on top and the other on the side of the suitcase. Inside, it is separated into two compartments and they close with a double zipped separator. Two adjustable retaining straps are practical for keeping your clothes neatly organized. On the outside, it has an exclusive identification plate which allows its identification and rapid location thanks to its unique code on the back.

  • Perfect finishes
  • Ultra strong wheels
  • Nice zipper
  • Nice color
  • Large capacity

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The best double-closing Delsey suitcase

A Comparative Analysis of the Top 10 Delsey Suitcases in.0 Valise cabine rigide à double roues et serrure TSA intégrée 15
DELSEY PARIS SEGUR 2.0 Rigid cabin suitcase with double wheels and integrated TSA lock

Ideal for long stays, take the Delsey Paris-Segur 2.0 suitcase in the cabin very easily when traveling. Innovative, rigid and very functional, it has a removable lining which is machine washable at 30°. Your luggage will hold up perfectly during all your travels because its material is ultra strong. Move it easily using its four stable and solid wheels which give the suitcase good ground support and great balance. Its exterior opening is zipped with a mouth slider and its side handle allows it to be easily transported horizontally. Inside, it has a zipped pocket, a zipped mesh compartment, adjustable straps in the main compartment for added comfort for your clothes. Available in several colors, it will dazzle each user.

  • Very sober
  • Good quality
  • Very high maneuverability
  • Good value for money
  • Resistant
  • A little heavy
  • Scratches easily

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The best Delsey isobaric suitcase

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Delsey Banjul Suitcase 4 Wheels Black 55 cm

For your short trips, opt for the Delsey Banjul suitcase which is equipped with 360° swivel wheels and trolley to allow you to tow them easily. Thanks to the presence of a TSA code lock and a name tag, you will be able to travel peacefully, without having to worry. It is characterized by careful manufacturing in polyester, which offers good resistance to wear and time, guaranteeing a long lifespan and safe travel. Its interior compartment offers all the space needed to easily store your jackets, pants, toiletry bags, etc. and its small zipped pocket allows you to separate certain accessories or fragile objects such as watches or jewelry. Two elastic retaining straps are present to keep folded clothes in place.

  • Multi-directional casters
  • Design modern
  • Nice color
  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Increased resistance

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The best Delsey Kariba suitcase

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DELSEY KARIBA trolley suitcase Silver 66 cm 4 ABS wheels

The KARIBA trolley suitcase from Delsey, 66 cm high, will accompany you on all your trips. Very practical, it includes a multi-position trolley system with push button, to allow you to easily handle it. For added security when traveling, it includes a TSA combination lock, which is very reliable. Its four multi-directional wheels will make it easier to move the suitcase and for transport, use one of the two carrying handles located on the side and above. Its interior is lined and includes a large zipped mesh pocket for storing accessories and two sets of retaining straps for good support of clothing. Made from 100% ABS, it is rigid, which makes it very resistant to wear.

  • Grand volume
  • Material 100% ABS
  • Perfect rigidity
  • Two carrying handles
  • Multi-position trolley system

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The best Delsey gold suitcase

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Delsey Turenne suitcase 4 wheels L 75 cm Beige

Turenne is positioned as the lightest of Delsey’s suitcases. It simply combines innovation and elegance to perfection for absolute comfort while you travel. Made mainly of polycarbonate, it is very resistant, very practical and will accompany you as long as possible when you travel. She is equipped with an integrated address holder and a unique code identification. Very robust, it has four very maneuverable wheels to easily move the suitcase without carrying it. It is equipped with a TSA combination lock placed on the top of the luggage and an ultra-resistant zip. Its generously sized interior compartment will perfectly accommodate all clothes, toiletry bags, etc. Shoes will be stored in the shoe bag and dirty laundry in a bag provided for this purpose.

  • Very robust
  • Ultra light
  • Perfectly manageable
  • Ultra-resistant zip
  • Code unique d’identification

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The best Delsey polycarbonate suitcase

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DELSEY Set of 2 Trolley Suitcases Namies Polycarbonate Anthracite Gray

Delsey innovates with its set of two Trolley Namies suitcases: the larger one for the hold and the smaller one for the cabin. It will make your travels easy and allow you to enjoy the best travel experience around the world. Damage-resistant, the outer shell is made from polycarbonate, allowing it to protect your belongings against all the rigors of travel. Large, strong, smooth zippers on the main body make it easy to open and close the suitcase and inside there are grab straps and internal zippered compartments to keep your belongings in place during travel. It has four rotating casters allowing smooth 360° movement while the retractable two-rod handle promotes transportation.

  • Super practical
  • Light
  • Good quality
  • Lined interior
  • Small and large format

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