Watches & Wonders 2023: the new Vacheron Constantin watches

Watches & Wonders 2023: the new Vacheron Constantin watches

For this 2023 edition of Watches & Wonders, Vacheron Constantin did not make a major revolution, but preferred to complete its collections with small touches, in particular by highlighting a complication that is dear to it: the retrograde date. Add to that a few exceptional pieces and then new Overseas, and you will have a very interesting 2023 vintage.

The retrograde date in the spotlight

Vacheron Constantin has placed three of its new models under the sign of one of its favorite complications: the retrograde date. More than a common denominator, it is a real signature for the brand with the Maltese cross. There are therefore three new models with a retrograde date.

First, let’s look at the Traditional Tourbillon Retrograde Openface. The dial plays the card of transparencyto hint at the caliber 2164R31 and its magnificent decorations, while adding a depth effect striking. This exceptional piece embodies a modern vision of the brand’s design, combined with unparalleled watchmaking expertise.

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The retrograde date also finds its place in the dial of theOverseas. Vacheron Constantin’s sport-chic best-seller adopts an unprecedented configuration, which gives it a certain elegance. The moon phase, placed at 6 o’clock, echoes the arc of the retrograde date, like the Patrimony Phase de Lune Rétrograde. Undoubtedly the most refined version of the Overseas collection.

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Finally, Vacheron Constantin presents the Patrimony Date-Day Retrogrades. Here we don’t have one but two retrograde complications : the date and the day, respectively in the upper and lower parts of the dial. A rare combination, which offers a strange needle broom, both legible and elegant. The dial features a very bright salmon color, and remains harmonious despite these two complications. A lesson in balance and delicacy, for a result that lives up to the reputation of the brand and the Patrimony collection.

A new green whirlwind

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Green is still the trendiest color, and Vacheron Constantin has understood this well. The house is therefore unveiling a new version of its Traditional Tourbillonin green livery beautiful. THE dial is minimalistto highlight this forest-green and its sunburst finish, as well as the magnificent whirlwind which runs at 6 o’clock. Everything is set in a platinum case 41mm in diameter and only 10.4mm thick, which is a real achievement for a tourbillon. Simply a timeless piece.

New Overseas in 34.5mm

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Vacheron Constantin does not forget its clientele with thinner wrists, and now offers theOverseas with a reduced diameter: 34.5mm for versions with smooth bezels, and 35mm for versions set with diamonds. For the rest, we find the design that made the success of the Overseas, with its modern lines, inspired by the Maltese cross, the emblem of the brand. In terms of materials, these new Overseas are available in steel and pink gold.

A new creation from the Cabinotiers workshop

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To end on a high note, let’s take a look at the latest creation from Cabinotiersthe made-to-measure manufacturing department, called Dual Moon Grand Complication. This is once again an exceptional piece, which brings together 11 complications. Here, the show is on both sides of the white gold case. On the front side, we find the retrograde date – her again -, associated with a double moon phase and to one perpetual calendar. On the back, you can admire a superb vault of heavenwhich is superimposed on a whirlwind skeleton. And as if that weren’t enough, the Dual Moon Grand Complication also features a minute repeater. A small horological marvel, which once again demonstrates all the know-how of Vacheron Constantin, which knows how to combine the most advanced horological complications with a certain poetry better than anyone else, borrowing from elegance and reverie. In every way breathtaking.

To find out more, visit the official Vacheron Constantin website.

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