Watches Made In China Are Getting Seriously Good

Watches Made In China Are Getting Seriously Good!

This Chinese watch packs a series punch a collaboration you might have missed let’s get into it Hello welcome to Swiss watch King ever since I bought this watch people have been asking me to create a video comparing these parents and tracking collapis to my original tracking joker well here we go we spoke about bearings on the channel before when we dive deep into their pedigree model if you really

Liked the video it treats a quarter of a million views so far so I thought I would show you what else the brand makes if you’re a fan of the Constantine tracking Joker watches or you just want to add a fun watch to your collection then this video is definitely for you

Virens the Chinese brand which is making waves is coming up with very interesting watches and they really got my attention with this one since the exception of the Joker watch I wanted one I finally bought my PC constant in checking Joker one year after the launch back in 2018

And I loved wedding it ever since last year I had the pleasure of talking to Constantine in Geneva as the unveiled a Skeleton version called The Joker 5. this was an anniversary piece made to commemorate five years of the Joker line I really like the skeleton aspect of it

And thought it’s a cool more mysterious version of mine when I saw the bearings and try can collab The Watch immediately remind me of that one is quite nice evil and cool version of my own I knew I needed to have it in my collection whenever Constantine comes up with a new

Richmond watch as the brand likes to call that collection I really want basically all of them they’re usually highly limited often use different animal Inspirations from the Chinese calendar and are at very different price points parents made sure to avoid a few of these aspects and made this exact

Model available in 200 pieces and at a much more attainable price point the current price of the bearings and chike in Joker collaboration that you see here is 8950 Swiss Francs including tax if you want to buy anything from the original Joker series you need to take a

Lot more money or hands from time to time there are checking Joker pieces available to purchase but it’s mostly an auction or crown 24 usually priced in the mid-20s or if you like the look of the original Joker you have to go higher to about 30k after wearing this watch

For a while now I can comfortably say that this is a great alternative if you’re one of those people who really want a joker since years this is your chance or if you just look looking to spice up your watch collection with a fun piece which will be a conversation

Starter with real watchmaking Behind These watches are manufactured and assembled in shenza in China this is something that veterans isn’t hiding and they’re proud of it as they should we all know that a lot of Swiss watch bands manufacture components overseas but don’t really speak about it the quality

And image of chinese-made watches is rising and I’m always open to well-made products at one third of the original tracking Joker I think this is a good buy the whole point of this watch is the dial the unassumingly smiley Joker face that will brighten up your day on the

Upper part of the dial you’ve got the ice which indicate the time and at the bottom the mouth which indicates the passing of the seconds like the original Joker the time is indicated in a regulator Style with the left eye shown you the hours and the right eyes showing

You the minutes both eyes are constructed of a few components mainly the numbers ring which is matte and another don’t piece of crystal in the Middle with the pupil acting as the pointer once you get used to it it’s really easy to read the time the eyes

Are levitating above the main dial as well as the other components another cool feature that my original Joker doesn’t have is super luminova both eyes are luminous and to be honest this is some of the strongest room I’ve seen in a while it’s bright and blue and really

Cool once you discover it a nice small detail that adds coolness to the skeleton watch above the eyes you’ve got what I think are the eyebrows which are slightly sunken with exposed party screws it’s obviously also the forehead like on the human face there’s nose between the eyes the nose is vertically

Brushed and DLC coated and also has a small round opening on the tip of it here you can see some of the components of the running seconds hand indicator making its way around and around the mouth is made out of a few parts on the first level you’ve got the shiny teeth

Made out of German silver and finish with cottage nav decoration it’s a really deep finish and a nice Optical interpretation of teeth the red lacquered Smiley lips are lifted above the teeth they’re held up with two screwing columns to add a layer of depth to it hovering between these during

Seconds hand it’s black coated with the tip in the shape of a spade obviously in tune with the joker theme of course it’s a nice touch to the otherwise almost static ice it’s cool to see something moving on the dial on the other Joker that I have the mouth acts as the moon

Face indicator just to give you a comparison between these two the seconds hand module was developed by bearings themselves since it’s a collaboration everything was approved and checked with Constantine jaikin of course he’s very protective and professional regarding his Joker line so I know if he’s confirmed this it’s okay you might be

Wondering what material this case and dial are made out of it’s actually something I haven’t seen before in person it’s crystallized titanium it has a thinner texture to forge carbon with a more shiny industrial look each case is actually unique as the panther never repeats itself I think the texture is

Super cool especially up close I added a link in my video description to read more about the process so you can really learn more about how this unique material is made betens had a tough time creating it but they succeeded so well done guys the case is well manufactured

And all the logs are slightly hollowed out the case doesn’t have to crowns as the original Joker watch whether acting as ears the one side of this model features a plaque bearing the number mine is number four and on the other side you have the crown with the

Constantine chalky logo on it there’s also logos of the collaboration in both eyes as well as in the mouth the case pack is closed since the Salita sw200 movement inside isn’t necessarily something you want to show it’s a Workhorse movement with module on top of it excellent movement for watches in

This price category on the K spec there’s a joker the design of the figure was created by young Chinese artists just forbearance it’s a fun detailed ads personality the Buckle is also made out of crystallized titanium to stay in line with the case the watch comes on a

Rubber strap which makes it more comfortable but you can also pair it with a leather strap and it totally changes the look of the watch you kind of dress up your Joker that way let’s now compare them side by side so you get the feeling of the sizes the parents

Joker is definitely lighter than my original one since it’s criticized titanium and not stainless steel due to the single Crown darker dial features and skeletonization also looks a bit smaller the crystal is domed and features 5 layers of anti-reflective coating whereas the other features a flat sapphire crystal here you can also

See all the measurements side by side the diameteries with both watches the same at 42 millimeters the chike in Joker Is Here slightly wider about 2.7 millimeters if we include the double crowns the checking Joker has a locked lag of 48.3 millimeters whereas the bearings Joker lays at approximately 50

Millimeters the main difference feels like it’s the thickness but it’s not the thickness is approximately the same on both at 30 millimeters but since the bearings features a domed Crystal instead of a bezel it kind of feels thinner although I’m happy with the watch the production quality price point

As well as the overall feel while I’m wearing it it feels like a fun alternative to my Joker and together they make a good pair it’s like two brothers let me know what you think about the watches like this would you wear them or not check out the link in

My description to see more information about the watch and also how you can purchase yours I also want to thank billions for partnering up with me on this video they have really some cool watches in store for us in the future so I can’t wait to show it to you guys like

Share and subscribe thank you for watching and as always I’ll see you next week foreign thank you

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