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The unbelievable Tudor watch at Only Watch 2023

In recent days we have already known the lots that will be auctioned in the next edition of Only Watch, which will take place on November 5 in Geneva. In it will participate 72 watchmakers to present a total of 62 pieces to auction. The difference in the number is explained by the association of several houses in the realization of some pieces. A trend that, as we can see, takes on a special role in this edition.

As we already know, the goal of Only Watch is to raise funds for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research. And the money obtained is not small: in the last edition of 2021, an amount exceeding 30 million Swiss francs was achieved. Beyond this charitable and altruistic component (all the houses donate their pieces for free), Only Watch has become a kind of competition to see who delivers the most spectacular piece. There is also curiosity to see if the creative effort of the firms is rewarded in the form of a final price above the estimated amounts.

Sure bets and the big cover

As in previous editions, there are many watchmaking experts who have already ventured which lots will reach a higher price than the maximum estimates. There is little surprise here. Patek Philippe stands out as the firm whose piece will reach a higher final price. The Geneva firm always reserves a spectacular piece for this appointment, and the tenth edition of Only Watch will be no less. Although there are no images of the watch yet, it is already known that it will be the first copy of the 30-piece edition of the grand complication that Patek Philippe is preparing as a tribute. Philip Sternhonorary president of the firm and father of its current president, Thierry Stern.

Imagen subasta Only Watch
Image from the last edition of Only Watch. On the podium, Luc Pettavino, president and founder of the Monegasque Association against Myopathieswho created this charity auction in 2001.

Another watch that is expected to fetch a great final bid price will be the Antimagnetic Stopwatch of Rexhep Rexhepi, the great ‘pretty boy’ of today’s signature watchmaking. We are very sure that the 150,000 Swiss francs The maximum collection expected for this piece will be well below the amount finally obtained.

But there is a piece that, without being a great complication or an exuberant watch artistic careers, will also reach a final price well above the estimates. Its about Prince Chronograph de Tudor and these are the reasons we have to consider it the great cover of this edition of Only Watch.

REASON 1. Precedents so indicate

Tudor participated for the first time in Only Watch in the 2015 edition. For many it was a great surprise as it was the first time that a Rolex group firm offered the opportunity to acquire (even at a charity auction) a unique piece. The dream of all would have been that this piece was a Rolex, but we already know that it was something unimaginable. In any case, the fans were aware of this condition as a unique piece. And that the piece was very, very similar to the Black Bay Black that the firm had released a few months earlier. A similarity that was not a problem for its buyer to pay for it 375,000 Swiss francswhen the estimated maximum price was 4,500 Swiss francs.

Aged Steel Tudor Black Bay
The unique version of the Black Bay GMT that Tudor lent to Only Watch in the 2021 edition, made of aged steel.

Tudor has repeated prominence in subsequent editions. For example, at the 2021 event. The Swiss firm presented a unique version of the Black Bay GMT Made of aged steel and equipped with a METAS-certified movement. The maximum estimated price was 8,000 Swiss francs. And the final price was… 650,000 Swiss francs!

REASON 2. A design that is not in the collection

Until now, Tudor has always participated with special versions of existing models in its catalogue. The 2023 edition is an exception. He has decided to search his catalog and recover a mythical watch. It is the Big Block Chronograph, the Gold version of the first automatic chronograph marketed by Tudor and launched in 1976.

Tudor Prince Chronograph para subasta Only Watch
The watch that Tudor has chosen for this edition of Only Watch is a recreation of the mythical Prince Chronograph from 1976. Right now there is no watch in the Tudor catalog that has a solid gold case and bracelet.

To make it more special, The entire watch, both the case and the bracelet, are made of yellow gold.. And let’s remember that right now there is no watch with these characteristics in the Tudor catalogue.

REASON 3 A new movement that is not yet on the market

To make it even more special, Tudor has announced that this reborn Tudor Prince Chronograph will come equipped with a prototype of an automatic chronograph caliber, developed entirely by the firm. We understand that within the structure of Did you know?, although the name of the movement house does not appear anywhere in the press release. Is there anything more appealing than enjoying the first self-developed chronograph caliber in Tudor history?

Tudor's prototype chronograph movement
The Prince Chronograph will come with an important technical novelty: a prototype of the first chronograph movement developed by Tudor.

By the way, the presence of this new prototype brings us important news for the future of the brand: the launch of its own chronograph. Let’s remember that until now Tudor used a variant of the Breitling caliber 01 for your references with this function. It is clear that we will have more news in the future regarding this interesting movement.

Our bet: A Tudor over a million dollar!

What price will the Prince Chronograph fetch? It is very difficult to make a forecast, although the background and reasons given lead us to suspect that it will be well above the 35,000 Swiss francs that the Only Watch organizers have established as a maximum estimate. My bet, the Tudor Prince Chronograph will easily exceed one million Swiss francs and it will become the great protagonist of the 2023 edition of Only Watch… with permission from Patek Philippe. On November 5 we will see it.

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