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Tsar Bomba Watch

Tsar Bomba is a brand of high-quality watches made for advanced collectors. the designers can be proud of their precision watches, designed and manufactured for demanding enthusiasts. A Tsar Bomba Watch is highly sophisticated, designed with style and manufactured with care. It reflects truly the company’s commitment to quality and satisfaction of its customers.

Tsar Bomba Watches

The Tsar Bomba Brand

The name Tsar Bomba is taken from the famous Russian nuclear bomb, the most powerful one to have ever exploded on our planet. The explanations for choosing this name aren’t really clear. Basically, on the manufacturer’s website, they tell us that this name is chosen so that we don’t forget our past…

Tsar Bomba is a German-Chinese brand, with factories based in Hong Kong, that introduced its first watch in early 2021. We’re clearly dealing with a copy or a “tribute” watch to Richard Mille, with a design heavily inspired by the watches of the very luxurious Swiss watchmaker.

Watches design

Tsar Bomba Watches Design

Tsar Bomba Design with Box

Tsar Bomba takes inspiration from mechanical artworks and offers a subtle interpretation of watchmaking craftsmanship. TSAR BOMBA watches are three-dimensional sculptures that express extraordinary aesthetics. The watchmaker pays special attention to details, reflected in every line and component. This true craftsmanship gives each piece an incomparable dazzling charm.

Tsar Bomba watches adapt to all situations, whether it’s a business trip, leisure, indoor or outdoor activities. This authentic and original watch will provide you with an incredible experience and look. This men’s watch reflects their personality. You all know that a watch is a symbol of a successful man. TSAR BOMBA is a new generation brand that prioritizes the taste and temperament of its owner with highly personalized luxury. These luxury watches for men feature a trendy and innovative barrel-shaped case compared to the classic round and square dial shapes.

Double Bridge Ergonomic Design

Automatic Mechanical Watch TB8208A

Tsar Bomba double bridge ergonomic design Based on Sino-German watchmaking engineering, TSAR BOMBA watches utilize advanced mechanical concepts, innovative materials, and highly precise manufacturing. These watches have a unique aesthetic that pays homage to Richard MILLE‘s design. TSAR BOMBA strives for continuous technological breakthroughs.

Most models feature a double bridge ergonomic design. Each case has undergone over 200 processes to make the watch more suitable for the human wrist, significantly improving its wearing comfort. The simple and robust luxury visual brings out the best in masculine style.

Sapphire Mirror

tsar bomba watches 6

Tsar Bomba Sapphire mirror TSAR BOMBA equips its models with a high-quality sapphire mirror treated with an anti-reflective, colorless, ultra-shock-resistant coating. It is highly durable and maintains excellent transparency. The sapphire has a Mohs hardness level of 9 due to the cold grinding process with emery, making it more resistant than any other natural material except for diamonds.

Tsar Bomba vs Richard Miele watches

Tsar Bomba vs Richard Miele

Is it a tribute or a poor imitation? Who reading this article can afford a Richard Mille watch? I guess none… So Tsar Bomba decided to adopt the now legendary format of the Swiss watchmaker to offer watches at much more reasonable prices, and I think that’s a very good thing.

Of course, the manufacturing quality is not at all the same. We can especially regret the plastic buttons on most models, when the manufacturer could have used a more noble material. But in the end, we probably have a better quality-to-price ratio than with a Richard Mille watch costing hundreds of thousands of euros…

I generally find the result nice. They don’t look too cheap as I’ve read on some forums. On the contrary, I had a good impression of their durability. The movements used come from Seiko/Miyota, it’s good stuff, both reliable and durable.

The Movements

Japanese Movement

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Tsar Bomba movement Tsar Bomba equips its models with movements of Japanese origin. Their quality, durability, and precision are well-established. They provide accurate timekeeping. Through the sapphire mirror, you can see the watch’s design and internal mechanism in motion.

Depending on the references, TSAR BOMBA has equipped certain cases with the SEIKO VK67 quartz movement as well as the CITIZEN MIYOTA 82S0 movement.

SEIKO and CITIZEN are Japanese watch manufacturers, and their movements are particularly known for their reliability, robustness, and excellent value for money. As eternal rivals, these high-end Japanese watch companies have acted as true manufacturers for a century. These brands have a rich watchmaking history and now offer watches and exclusive movements equipped with patented technologies recognized and validated worldwide.

Tsra Bomba Watches Features

Tsar Bomba on Wrist Photo

Water Resistance

Tsar Bomba water resistant 5 ATM. TSAR BOMBA watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters (withstanding a pressure of 5 bars). The watch can be used in cold water, rain, and for swimming. It is therefore very easy to handle in all typical situations and standard conditions of daily life.

Night Vision

Tsar Bomba super luminous TSAR BOMBA watches are super luminous as they allow you to read the time in darkness and can glow for 4 hours.


The strap is made of high-quality military-grade silicone with a width of 22 mm. It withstands sweat, moisture, and corrosion very well. It is very comfortable to wear and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Build Quality

Tsar Bomba is committed to providing its customers with flawless services and products. Each TSAR BOMBA watch undergoes extremely strict quality control before leaving the factory.

633ff5494a20f306ee609d82 tsar bomba watch for men luxury square

Each TSAR BOMBA watch goes through multiple processes before leaving the factory. TSAR BOMBA strictly manufactures its watches according to international ISO9001 quality test standards. As a leading company, TSAR BOMBA’s main goal is to provide its customers with the best services and high-quality products. Because a quality watch is also a symbol of prestige, TSAR BOMBA never compromises on the matter.

5 Best Tsar Bomba Models

Model Year20222022202220222022
Item ShapeTonneauTonneauTonneauTonneauTonneau
Dial window material typeSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire Crystal
Display TypeAnalogAnalogAnalogAnalogAnalog
Case materialStainless SteelStainless Steelcarbon fibercarbon fiberStainless Steel
Case diameter5.00 centimeters5.00 centimeters5.00 centimeters5.00 centimeters2.05 inches
Case Thickness15.5 millimeters15.5 millimeters15.5 millimeters15.5 millimeters0.61 inches
Band MaterialSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSiliconefluororubber
Band sizeMen’s StandardMen’s StandardMen’s StandardMen’s StandardMen’s Standard
Band width2.00 centimeters2.00 centimeters2.00 centimeters0.78 inches0.78 inches
Band ColorBlackBlueBlackBlueBlack
Dial colorBlackOrangeBlackBlueBlack
Bezel materialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelCarbon FiberStainless Steel
Bezel function12 小时时间显示12 小时时间显示Stationary12 Hour Time Display12 Hour Time Display
Special featuresChronograph, LuminousScrew down crown, LuminousScrew down crown, LuminousChronograph, LuminousChronograph, Luminous, World time
MovementJapanese QuartzJapanese AutomaticJapanese AutomaticJapanese AutomaticJapanese Automatic
Water resistant depth50 Meters50 Meters50 Meters164.00 Feet164.00 Feet

TSAR BOMBA Series with artistic and collectible value

MovementJapanese 82S0Japanese 82S0Japanese 82S0Japanese 82S0Japanese YN88Japanese YN88Japanese 82S0
Strap materialFluororubber (FKM)Fluororubber (FKM)Fluororubber (FKM)Top SiliconeQuick Released FluororubberQuick Released FluororubberFluororubber (FKM)
Mirror MaterialSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire CrystalSapphire Crystal
Watch case materialCeramicsCarbon FiberCeramicsCarbon FiberCarbon FiberJapan-Edelstahl 316Japan-Edelstahl 316
Strap Length= 22cm/8.66in= 22cm/8.66in= 22cm/8.66in= 22cm/8.66in=22cm/8.66in= 22cm/8.66in=22cm/8.66in
Strap Width= 22mm/0.87in=22mm/0.87in=22mm/0.87in=22mm/0.87in= 22mm/0.87in= 22mm/0.87in= 22mm/0.87in

Customers Feedback

In general, and even mostly, the reviews are positive. Users are often amazed when they receive the watch. It’s often mentioned that it’s a pleasant surprise, clearly not a toy, and the manufacturing quality is very impressive.

Buying a ceramic watch for the first time, it won’t be the last. I love this matte texture, the quality is very good. They also gifted me a watch strap, which is very soft. If the full score is 10, I will give 100 points, I have become a fan of this store, 100% recommended!

Wares Montero

Some mention the weight of the watches, which is indeed a bit heavy, but that’s ultimately one of the only negative points found on shopping websites. Moreover, many people also appreciate heavy watches that feel good on the wrist.

My wife saw this watch on Facebook, she researched it for a long time, free shipping, 2 year warranty, and a watch strap, not too expensive, she immediately placed an order and bought it as a birthday present for me. I love her so much and I love the gift she gave me. The watch is nice looking, good quality and fast delivery, it was delivered before my birthday. Thank you, TSAR BOMBA, highly recommended.

Marko Bolaboto 

As for the rest, everyone is pretty impressed by the designs, which are really similar to those of Richard Mille, with overall good-quality materials. Nothing to complain about, Tsar Bomba’s customers are delighted with their purchases!

What people want to know about Tsar Bomba Watches

Where are Tsar Bomba watches made?

It’s hard to tell where the Tsar Bomba watches are manufactured, they state the the brand is both chinese and german. The manufacturing is handled in Hong Kong for obvious costs reasons. The prices of some of the models could not be that low if produced in Germany.

Are tsar bomba watches good for men?

Yes, tsar Bomba watches are mainly headed towards a masculine type of clientele. Thought it could be worn by woman, it’s heavy design structure usally suits men better.

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