Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Crossfit Workout Experience with Your Fitness Watch

CrossFit, this discipline which combines athletic strength, weightlifting and gymnastics, has conquered the world of fitness. With its growing popularity, many apps have emerged to help athletes optimize their workouts. Let’s discover the best of them together.

The must-have apps for CrossFit enthusiasts

The must-have apps for CrossFit enthusiasts

In the ever-changing world of CrossFit, technology plays an increasingly prominent role in helping athletes maximize their performance. CrossFit apps have become essential tools for anyone looking to improve their workouts, technique and mobility. Here’s a look at the must-have apps for any CrossFit enthusiast.

SmartWOD Workout Generator: Tailor-made workouts

One of the biggest challenges for CrossFitters, whether beginners or experienced, is constantly finding new WODs to avoid monotony and continue to challenge themselves. This is where SmartWOD Workout Generator comes in. This app:

  • Offers randomized workouts based on available hardware, providing endless variety.

  • Allows customization based on the equipment you have, whether in the gym or at home.

  • Offers workout suggestions for Open Gym sessions or at-home sessions without equipment.

SmartWOD Timer: Time your performance

Every second counts in CrossFit, and having a good timer is essential. SmartWOD Timer is designed specifically for the needs of CrossFitters:

  • It offers a variety of timing modes, suitable for different types of WODs like AMRAP, EMOM, TABATA and FOR TIME.

  • It has an intuitive user interface, allowing you to start, stop or resume the stopwatch with ease.

  • Athletes can track and record their scores, creating a history of their performance.

GOWOD: Prioritize your mobility

Mobility is often overlooked, but it is crucial to avoiding injury and improving technique. GOWOD is dedicated to this aspect of CrossFit:

  • It offers an initial mobility test to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Based on this test, the app offers personalized mobility exercises to target areas that need special attention.

  • Athletes can track their mobility progress over time, encouraging them to remain consistent in their practice.

Manage your CrossFit box efficiently

Manage your CrossFit box efficiently

Managing a CrossFit box is much more complex than simply supervising workouts. Between membership management, class scheduling, athlete progress tracking, and communication, owners and coaches need robust tools to keep things running smoothly. Fortunately, several apps have been designed specifically to meet these needs.

Deciplus: An all-in-one solution for box owners

Deciplus positions itself as complete management software for CrossFit boxes. With its many features, it makes life easier for owners:

Strivee: Athlete programming and monitoring made simple

Strivee is an app designed specifically for CrossFit, providing a platform to stream WODs and track athletes’ progress:

  • Dissemination of WODs : Publish daily workouts directly to members’ smartphones or to the box’s TV screens.

  • Tracking progress : Athletes can record their scores, track their personal bests and view their progress over time.

  • Community : Encourage the spirit of friendly competition by allowing members to compete against each other, encourage their peers and share their successes.

  • Personalization : Adapt workouts based on the abilities and needs of each athlete, with access to their data and past performances.

All in all, running a CrossFit box is a challenge, but with tools like Deciplus and Strivee, owners and coaches can focus on what they do best: helping athletes achieve their goals and excel.

Technology at the service of CrossFit

Technology at the service of CrossFit

CrossFit, while deeply rooted in the physical principles of training, is not immune to the impact of technology. Indeed, with the advent of connected gadgets, athletes now have innovative tools at their disposal to improve and monitor their performance. Among them, connected watches particularly stand out.

Garmin: The connected watch for CrossFitters

Garmin, the global leader in smartwatches, has recognized the growing importance of CrossFit and has developed specific features to meet the needs of athletes:

  • Scheduling of WODs : No need to memorize or write down your workouts anymore. With Garmin watches, you can program your WODs directly on your wrist, whether it’s AMRAP, EMOM, TABATA, FOR TIME, and many others.

  • Performance tracking : Measure your heart rate, recovery time and other essential metrics during and after each WOD to assess your fitness and progress.

  • Personalization : Create your own workouts or download pre-programmed sessions from the Garmin Connect community, providing an endless variety of training options.

  • Sustainability : Built to withstand the rigors of CrossFit workouts, Garmin watches are rugged, waterproof, and feature long battery life.

Integrating Technology into Your CrossFit Routine

Adding a smartwatch to your CrossFit routine can transform your workout experience:

  • Data analysis : By tracking your performance over time, you can identify your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to adjust your workouts accordingly.

  • Motivation : Set goals, track your progress, and celebrate your successes, all right from your wrist.

  • Connectivity : Share your scores, challenge your friends, and join online communities to stay motivated and connected with other CrossFit enthusiasts.


CrossFit and technology are now inseparable. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or box owner, apps like SmartWOD, GOWOD, Deciplus and Strivee can transform your experience. Embrace the digital revolution and see your performance improve.