Tomorrow, Garmin plans to reveal the Vivoactive 5 with exceptional battery longevity.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to pick up the familiar-looking and slightly improved Apple Watch Series 9 when it hits stores worldwide this Friday, you might want to wait and take a look. Take a look at Garmin’s latest connected watch, compatible with Android and iOS.

The all-new Vivoactive 5 model should see the light of day tomorrow, September 20. It’s just in time to make you reconsider purchasing the Series 9 if you want something reasonably stylish, versatile, and powerful capable of producing much higher endurance scores between charges.

According to presumably accurate internal information collected and published by Dealabs prior to the official announcement of thea Vivoactive 5, it will be able to stay on for up to 11 days with a single charge in “mode smartwatch ».

Although several Garmin devices could easily exceed this figure, 11 days would be a significant improvement over the 8 days of maximum battery life promised by the current Vivoactive 4. Incredible as it may seem, The Vivoactive 5 is also expected to improve on its predecessor’s rather rudimentary transflective display (MIP) with cutting-edge AMOLED technologywhich would normally have a detrimental effect on battery life.

The Garmin Vivoactive 5 is said to be able to stay on for up to 21 hours without interruption, even if you keep your GPS on all the time, compared to 18 hours for the Vivoactive 4 in a similar usage scenario.

Compared to the Venu 3, these numbers are slightly lower, but they’re certainly high enough to crush all the best smartwatchesfrom competing brands like Apple and Samsung in this very important area.

The Vivoactive 5’s 42mm high-quality AMOLED touchscreen will reportedly measure 1.2 inches diagonally and feature a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels. If these numbers look familiar, it might be because they were “borrowed” from the Venu 3 S 41mm.

Many health sensors

Let’s start with the shortcomings: no ECG, no body temperature sensor. But, let’s focus on the Vivoactive 5’s many strengths rather than its few notable weaknesses.

These include all the practical features and capabilities introduced with the Venu 3 and Venu 3 S, the personalized sleep coaching when detecting a nap, passing through the heart rate variabilityTHE guided meditation practicesa wheelchair mode to help those in need and a morning report to start the day off right, plus everything that’s already on the Vivoactive 4, including body battery energy tracking, all-day stress tracking, blood oxygen saturation technology, built-in sports apps, Garmin Coach support, and so on.

The list of health and physical activity tracking tools is long and impressive for a smartwatch that should maintain the price of its predecessor, at least in France. It would cost 299.99 euros in France.

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