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TicWatch 3 Series: Mobvoi Clarifies Causes Behind Wear OS 3 Update Delays

In 2021, Mobvoi announced that it would update its existing series of smart watches TicWatch 3 to the new Wear OS 3 update in the second half of 2022. As the months passed, TicWatch users began to wonder and guess about the timing of the upcoming update, which promised significant performance improvements and new features. Yet the update never arrived, and Mobvoi went silent for months without providing any feedback to frustrated users.

It has been over a year since the company provided a direct update, and it has now spoken publicly to address some of the issues it was facing. Mobvoi released a statement on Twitter explaining why it didn’t deliver on its promise, and detailing some of the issues preventing it from rolling out the update to promised devices.

In its statement, Mobvoi explains that it recognizes the concerns of its users and understands that users of the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3 may be disappointed by the lack of updates and the frustration they cause. The company also states that his smart watches use Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processors and proprietary Mobvoi hardware to deliver full functionality and support. It seems to have leads the company to encounter difficultiesand it seems to be taking longer than expected to fix issues and bugs.

This requires further architecture upgrades and performance debugging when updating to Wear OS 3 to ensure the highest level of software quality and user experience

Mobvoi’s proprietary hardware handles low-power functions that allow the secondary LED display to operate and display information such as the time and other settings. This seems to be the part that Mobvoi is struggling with, and this could be the main reason behind the delay in rolling out the new software update to existing users and new users alike.

While it’s nice to see Mobvoi finally reaching out to its users, the company hasn’t provided a timeline for the release of Wear OS 3. However, the company has announced that it will soon lead ” an extensive phase of closed beta testing suggesting that it might finally be getting close to production-ready firmware.

An update still awaited

Previous rumors suggested that Mobvoi could prepare the long-awaited update for the third quarter of 2023, and at first glance, this report may turn out to be correct. We also heard that Mobvoi might be working on new smart watches that might be launched around this time, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the announcement of newsmart watchesand rolling out the Wear OS 3 update at the same time.

As things stand, one can only hope that Mobvoi manages to iron out the bugs and release the update as soon as possible. If you want to test beta software, I advise you to be careful because beta software and programs can break major functionality of existing devices and lead to other problems.

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