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The Way of Swatch Art Journey: Exploring the Artistic Path

Watchmaking news has been so busy for the past few weeks that we haven’t even had time to announce the release of a new collection of watches from Swatch. This is, for once, a collection that puts Art on the front of the stage, or rather on the dial. Called Swatch Art Journey, it currently offers seven watches in collaboration with several museums around the world. Pending the release in May of three new “mystery” models.

Swatch and art: a win-win partnership

Swatch did not wait this year to offer watches inspired by paintings or famous artists. As the brand states on its website, it was in 1985 that Swatch became interested in Art with watches in the colors of Kiki Picasso thanks to a collaboration with the Center Pompidou in Paris.

The partnerships then followed one after the other: Keith Haring in 1986, the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art in New York) in the mid-1990s, the Louvre in 2001… Result: many watches have been personalized using the drawings, paintings or paintings famous artists including Frida Kahlo, Piet Mondrian, Amedeo Modigliani, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Rousseau, Robert Delaunay, Vassily Kandinsky…

Watches which are exchanged for some at exorbitant prices on the gray market, due to their rarity, most having been available in limited editions.

Swatch Art Journey: seven watches unveiled

Since March 2023, seven watches have been unveiled in collaboration with the MoMATHE Magritte museumTHE Louvre Abu Dhabi And The Degli Uffizi Gallery.

They all share common technical characteristics: bio-sourced case 34 or 41 mm in diameter (5 of the 7 models have a diameter of 41 mm), loop which bears the name and logo of the partner museum, dial and bracelet personalized in the colors of a painting, silicone strap, hesalite glass and quartz movement.

  • Allegoria Della Primevera by Sandro Botticelli watch: three hands, 41 mm case (Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi)
  • Riverie By Roy by Sandro Botticelli watch: two hands, 34 mm case (Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi)
  • The Great Wave by Hokusai & Astrolabe watch: three hands, 41 mm case (Louvre Abu Dhabi)
  • Fils de Lhomme by Rene Magritte watch: two hands, 41 mm case (Magritte museum)
  • Trahison Images by Rene Magritte watch: two hands, 41 mm case (Magritte museum)
  • Girl By Roy Lichtenstein watch: two hands, 41 mm case (MoMa)
  • Riverie By Roy Lichtenstein watch: two hands, 34 mm case (MoMa)

On the price side, these watches are offered at €95 for those with a 34 mm case, €105 for those with a 41 mm case.

What do we know about the next three watch models in the Art Journey collection which should be unveiled in May? “Swatch can already reveal that the next Swatch Art Journey watch will please fans of street art”. Case to follow.

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