Swatch Los Simpsons Seconds of Sweetness

The Simpsons Sweet Seconds Swatch

Home Swatch has presented its first watch in collaboration with The Simpsonshas called him Seconds of Sweetness. A fun homage to Homer Simpson’s iconic glazed donut that is automatically associated with this famous cartoon series. In certain countries, this exquisite model will also be available in a SwatchPAY! version. so that you can pay with a simple movement of the wrist.

“Sometimes when we get a craving for something sweet, the only thing that can brighten our day is a good, freshly made doughnut. Swatch knows this and that is why it has decided to pay tribute to The Simpsons with a special watch inspired by the famous pink donut from the series. Fans of Swatch and The Simpsons are already salivating…”


Swatch Los Simpsons Seconds of Sweetness

An original watch dedicated to the popular series The Simpsons that will be available in Swatch stores and on starting November 2, coinciding with the launch of the 35th season of the series. Its striking motifs that decorate the strap and the dial make it clear what the inspiration has been, the popular donut with pink icing and decorated with colored shavings.

The dial is presided over by the Donut bitten by Homer, filling practically all of it, except for a small place at 12 o’clock where the bite is and the mark has been placed and in the center where the discreet schematic hands are located.

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The case has a size of 41 mm and a thickness of 9.85 mm. The case material is of biological origin as is the glass and the strap is silicone.

The caliber is quartz and both the silicone strap and the box in which it is delivered have been personalized for the occasion.


The approximate RRP is €105. Swatch

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