Tudor Novelties 2023: Watches and Wonders Show

The sibling brand affiliated with Rolex

When we talk about luxury watches, the first brand that comes to mind is often Rolex. But did you know that the famous Swiss manufacturer has a sister brand, called Tudor? Although lesser known, this brand has its own identity and a captivating history that is worth exploring.

Discover with us the tracesTHE creations and the key stages which marked theyear of the two sister brands.

Tudor origins

Founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the father of Rolex, the Tudor brand aimed to offer quality watches at more affordable prices, without sacrificing the excellence and precision for which its big sister is known.

The name “Tudor” was chosen in homage to the English Tudor dynasty, a symbol of power and elegance.

First notable creations

Throughout its history, Tudor has stood out thanks to bold and innovative creations. In 1952, the brand launched the Oyster Prince range, equipped with a waterproof case inspired by that of Rolex. This collection was a great success and allowed Tudor to make a name for itself in the world of watchmaking.

In 1954, Tudor presented the brand’s first diving watch, the Submariner, which quickly became a must-have. Alongside the success of the Oyster Prince range and the Submariner, Tudor continues to innovate by launching models such as the Advisor, a watch with an alarm, or the Ranger, a robust adventure watch.

Tudor and world explorers

Like Rolex, Tudor has forged close links with the world of exploration and adventure. Tudor watches have accompanied many explorers on their expeditions, testifying to their reliability and resistance to extreme conditions.

Polar missions

In 1952, on the occasion of the International Geophysical Year, Tudor equipped British scientists participating in the “British North Greenland” expedition with Oyster Prince watches. These watches withstand freezing temperatures without any problem, and their precision is praised by the members of the expedition.

The ascent of the summits

Tudor watches were also chosen to accompany mountaineers during their ascents. In 1957, a British expedition successfully climbed Kangchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, with Oyster Prince watches on their wrists.

The performance of these timepieces in the face of extreme conditions has earned them international recognition, and strengthens the link between Tudor and the world of adventure.

Tudor and motor sports

The history of Tudor is also closely linked to that of motor sports. The brand has captured the hearts of motor racing fans thanks to iconic models such as the Monte-Carlo Chronograph, launched in 1970.

Watches inspired by running

The design of the Monte-Carlo Chronograph is directly inspired by racing car dashboards, with bright colors and counters reminiscent of on-board instruments.

This model has enjoyed great success with professional drivers and motorsport enthusiasts, and contributes to the brand’s international reputation.

A prestigious collaboration: Tudor and Porsche Motorsport

In 2009, Tudor joined forces with Porsche Motorsport as their official timing partner. This collaboration further strengthens the legitimacy of the brand in the field of motorsport, and demonstrates its commitment to excellence and performance.

Tudor today: a booming brand

Today, Tudor continues its momentum and continues to create quality watches at affordable prices. In recent years, the brand has reinvented itself by revisiting its classics while offering new models.

The return of icons

Since the 2010s, Tudor has reconnected with its emblematic models by reissuing some of its flagship pieces. Among these new products, we find in particular the Black Bay, a diving watch inspired by the Submariner, which has met with great success among watch enthusiasts and allows Tudor to establish itself as a modern and daring brand.

Original creations

In parallel with these reissues, Tudor continues to offer new models, testifying to its desire to assert itself as a brand independent and creative.

We can cite, for example, the Pelagos, a titanium diving watch, or the North Flag, a sports watch equipped with the first manufacture caliber developed by Tudor.

Ultimately, the story of Tudor is that of a brand that has found its place alongside its big sister Rolex, while forging its own identity thanks to innovative creations and prestigious collaborations.

Of the made initial to the present day, Tudor has continued to prove that watchmaking excellence could also be accessible and within everyone’s reach.

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