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The Shocking 5 Features Luxury Watch Brands Don’t Want You to Know!

5 Things a Luxury Watch Should Not Have

Luxury watches are renowned for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and history. However, cost-cutting practices can also sneak in, compromising a top-of-the-line watch’s quality. In this article, we discuss five things a luxury watch should not have.

Plastic Movement Holders

Using plastic movement holders in luxury watches is a blatant cost-cutting measure. They are not better for shock resistance, and they compromise the watch’s overall quality. They are typically seen in watches like the Tank, Formula One, and Tag Heuer Aqua Racers. Luxury watches are expected to have superior quality and workmanship, and using inferior materials diminishes the watch’s value.

Stamped Grain Straps

Luxury watches usually feature alligator skin straps for their quality and style. However, some watchmakers use calf straps that are designed to look like alligator. This is an attempt to save costs, and it is disheartening for customers who purchase a watch believing it has an alligator strap. It is not an acceptable practice, and luxury watches should not feature these low-grade straps.

Undecorated Movements

Watchmakers need to decorate movements to distinguish them from inferior models. However, some luxury watch brands use undecorated movements like the 2824 and 7750. This practice is unacceptable in watches such as Cartier, Tag Heuer, and Oris. A decorated movement enhances a watch’s style and aesthetic appeal, which is what luxury watches are all about.

Generic Deployment Buckles

Some companies make watch parts, and some make buckles that watchmakers usually order. However, using a generic deployment buckle diminishes the quality of luxury watches. It is essence purchasing a watch that looks identical to other timepieces manufactured by different companies. It is unacceptable that luxury watches have the same shape, deployment buckle for years. Watchmakers need to make their buckles or order them from a reputable supplier.

Shoddy Quality Control

No matter the brand, quality control should remain the gold standard. However, there are instances where dust settles under the crystal, sloppy text, or dust under the dial. This is unacceptable, and all luxury watches should undergo rigorous quality control processes. It is unacceptable that quality watchmakers allow watches with such drawbacks to leave their production lines.

Final Thoughts

In summary, luxury watches should not have plastic movement holders, stamped grain straps, undecorated movements, generic deployment buckles, or shoddy quality control. A luxury watch’s price is a function of its class, style, craftsmanship, and quality. Conducting cost-cutting practices compromises these elements, and luxury watch customers expect nothing less than excellence.

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