HD7 Tachy Acier Ambiance

The new HD7 watch from Humbert-Droz is now available.

In Besançon, the capital of French watchmaking, the Humbert-Droz family have worked for more than 65 years on watch mechanics, their restoration and maintenance, with know-how stemming from a well-established family tradition. Over four generations, the family has developed a craft that is unique to it and whose reputation has opened the doors to the biggest names in French watchmaking.

In 2016, Julien Humbert-Droz, the fourth generation of watchmakers in the family, decided to set up his own brand of watches, thus paying homage to his great-grandfather who had created the repair workshop 60 years earlier. A few years later, after 10 models created and more than 3000 watches sold, the family business knows how to keep its feet on the ground and still defends the same values: French know-how, precise work and family transmission as tradition. .

This last aspect is also the one that is most strongly felt through the brand’s watches. Some models are indeed equipped with very rare movements, more in circulation today. This is explained by the fact that these movements were kept in the family workshop for years, sometimes decades, then reused to create the brand’s watches that we know today. This is the great strength of this brand.

Due to its notoriety and reputation in the world of watchmaking, the Humbert-Droz family has easily been able to establish itself on the market and now works with more than twenty dealers, a figure that is rapidly increasing. Here again, we feel the desire to always be as close as possible to tradition and craftsmanship, simple and well-made things, most often working with family jewellers.

More than 65 years of experience, precision work worthy of the greatest brands and the rarity of the movements used mean that there is a strong demand for Humbert-Droz watches and establish the brand as a defender of French fine watchmaking.

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