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The LIGE watches: Our Perspective

You will discover in this article our full opinion on the watch brand LIGE. You will discover what is hidden behind this brand with a French-speaking name and the quality of these LIGE models.

Full review of Lige watches

Many people have written to us asking for our opinion on LIGE watches before buying or gifting them. Jimmy MBA had placed the Lige brand in the list of good quality Chinese watches, which is already a good indicator. I picked up a few models and tested them to give you a full feedback. The Lige brand is known for offering pretty watches for less than 50 euros… what are they really worth? Is it a scam or good quality for entry level? Here’s what we think of Lige watches.

Opinion on the LIGE chronograph

Lige recently released a chronograph watch which tops the list of the most popular watches on the web. It is indeed a very inexpensive watch (less than 40€) which has a modern and elegant design. But what is it really worth? After using it for several months, it’s good quality watch : analog quartz watch with Japanese movement, 316L steel, it does not lag and the stopwatches are very precise.

I found the desired design, the watch is nicely thick, the leather strap is also beautifully made. The watch I received showed no faults.

lige chronograph 1 jpg
Lige has released a very beautiful chronograph

We are on a serious quality for an entry level with a 2 year guarantee, if you order it on this site.

Test of the LIGE Sport Men’s watch

Another LIGE watch model that I recommend is their Lige Sport Homme watch. As on the previous model, we find 316L stainless steel, 3 ATM water resistance and a nice thickness of 12 mm. THE design is once again elegant with an ocean blue dial, hours in Roman numerals and a date, the steel bracelet is comfortable. The model is phosphorescent during the night which can be practical for reading the time at night (in case of insomnia like me…). This watch features a Japanese analog movement.

lige sport
The very elegant Lige Sport Men’s watch

If you are looking a refined sports watch that won’t break the bank you can find this model on this site. Note if you have a small wrist like me that the metal bracelet is adjustable by removing links. It’s very simple and you will receive the necessary materials for this with the watch.

The Lige Ultra-Thin watch

If you’re looking for an even simpler, more streamlined design (and an even lower budget), the final Lige watch we recommend today is the Lige Ultra-Thin. With its thickness, or rather its thinness, of 7 mm, and its very light weight, we are on a model that is very pleasant to wear, elegant and which can be worn on a daily basis.

lige ultra thin
Lige’s “Ultra-Thin”

This is another good choice if you are looking for a simpler Lige with a lighter design than the 2 models presented previously.


Some information before choosing a Lige

When we are interested in a specific brand, we try to glean as much information about the brand as possible from our watchmaker friends and by doing some research on the web.

Where are Lige watches made?

Despite a French-sounding name, Lige watches are neither Swiss nor French. It is an Asian brand and the watches are made in China. This is not a big surprise given their price, it would be very difficult to produce good quality watches at such low prices in Europe. Chinese watch is no longer synonymous with junk for a long time. There are excellent watches and catastrophic watches made in China. Lige is clearly one of the good brands. For the bad ones, I won’t name names so you don’t have a lawsuit but read our previous articles and you will find some famous scams.

Are Lige watches mechanical or analog?

Lige watches are analog watches with a Japanese movement that are battery operated. The battery lasts between 2 and 3 years which is a completely satisfactory duration. You can have the battery changed at any watchmaker for around 5 euros. Obviously, mechanical watches are much more prestigious, but you won’t find good quality ones at these prices.

In your test, which is the best Lige watch in your opinion?

I received this question by email. In terms of quality, we are on very comparable industrialized models. We are on the entry-level which does not make fun of the customer. We are obviously not on a luxury watch. It is therefore more the design that should guide you to define your choice. Of the three Lige watches tested, it was the Lige chronograph (the first model in this article) that appealed to me the most. But it all depends on your tastes. I just allow myself to invite you not to choose their u0022Lige smartwatch for menu0022 which I find frankly ugly compared to their other models.

Who is a Lige watch suitable for?

And good for all those who are looking for a watch under 50 euros, with a sought-after design and which will not break down after a year like certain models shamefully sold online (often with reinforcement of false promotion: practice decried in our previous articles).

What alternatives to Lige would you recommend?

A good alternative to Lige in my opinion are Orient brand watches. We stay on an analog watch of Asian manufacture but Orient works with better materials, will seek better waterproofness and the designs are also very nice. On the other hand, you will have to pay around 200€ more than for a Lige which remains in our opinion a very good plan.

We will also mention the Casio brand, which remains a reference at the entry-level.

Final Opinion on Lige Watches

I have sometimes been criticized for being interested in rather expensive brands like Code41, and well this time, I tell you the greatest good of a brand under fifty euros ! So obviously, I will not make you believe as on some sites that we are close to a Tissot, this is obviously not the case. But according to our test, and this is confirmed by online consumer reviews, we are faced with an entry-level brand that offers good quality and does not make fun of its customers, which is far to be the case with all inexpensive brands.

Our opinion is that LIGE watches are perfect if you don’t want to break the bank and are looking for an elegant design inspired by luxury codes. You will find all their models on this well-known website and on other merchant sites. Some watchmakers also offer them, find out at yours.

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