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The Ideal Blend of Aesthetics and Innovation in Horology

Ciga Design tells a story of meeting between innovation, technicality and creative design. Since its inception, this Chinese brand has made a name for itself on the international watchmaking scene, it has conquered watch lovers all over the world thanks to its extraordinary pieces. Determined to push the limits and shape distinctive timepieces, it proves that quality, aesthetics and affordable prices can still coexist.

Let’s set off together to discover this amazing factory and its fascinating models!

Back to the history of Ciga Design

It was in 2016 that Zhang Jianmin founded the Ciga Design watch brand, an original and innovative watch brand. Its goal ? Rethinking the wristwatch, reinterpreting its traditional design and redefining its aesthetics, to make it a unique accessory allowing new generations to express their personality, to get away from what is usually done in the watchmaking world.

To do this, Zhang Jianmin brought together a team of watchmaking enthusiasts and international designers, then launched his label, whose references are unlike any other. He combines advanced know-how, new technologies and high-end materials to create unique pieces.

Today, in less than 10 years, Ciga Design owns more than 100 patents and has already won 17 international design awards. This chinese brand is now recognized worldwide for its avant-garde and innovative timepieces.

Focus on Ciga Design watches

We told you, Ciga Design does not give in the classic. The brand clearly assumes its difference and even makes it its strength. The collections parade and are not alike, each time creating a surprise. There are minimalist and elegant models, the most complex or even futuristic, urban, particularly sophisticated, sports, etc.

If the skeleton watch is in the spotlight in many lines of the house, other pieces like Blue Planet Or Pink (R-Series) display a case with very specific lines.

Because at Ciga Design, it is precisely the dial that dictates the codes, it is the dial that transforms, reinvents itself and makes each watch an amazing piece!

The House mainly offers watches for men and only a few models for women. Generally speaking, the spirit remains resolutely modern, with timepieces that are very similar to contemporary works of art. The diversity of lines and styles makes it possible to obtain distinctive creations for all tastes and all occasions.

Apart from the quality of the design, our mark of the day also applies to the mechanisms. She uses automatic movements as precise as they are reliable, carefully selected, with in particular a large number of calibres produced in-house by the Manufacture.

Regarding prices, Ciga Design is positioned as a relatively top of the line. We can thus find very accessible models under the symbolic bar of 500€ but also some other more prestigious models and limited editions may exceed €1,000. But overall, the brand’s watches do not exceed €2,000, which, for a high-end watchmaker, remains very reasonable and affordable, especially if we take into account the aesthetic and technical quality of its timepieces. .

The essentials of Ciga Design

Series U Blue Planet

watch series u blue planet steel u031 su01 w6u ciga design

Great winner of the Watch Prize GPHG Challenge 2021, this watch is a one-of-a-kind piece since it displays a terrestrial globe instead of the dial. A domed glass protects this “watchmaking planet” whose time is read naturally after a few short visual exercises.


watch series z edge black z031 sisiw15bk ciga design

This collection represents the epitome of the brand’s commitment to innovation and avant-garde design. These watches feature a skeletonized dial providing a full view of their mechanical movement complex. The bold and modern aesthetic of the line Z-Series makes these models the pieces of choice for connoisseurs.

Series MY

my ciga design series watch

This watch, designed by British industrial designer Michael Young, won the iF Gold Award 2017. It features an ultra-minimalist, semi-open matte gray dial, whose shape is not flat, but rather curved. Through the openings, we can glimpse the cogs of its Seagull movement.


watch serie x gorilla titanium blue x021 tibuw25bk ciga design

These sports watches feature sturdy cases coupled with a fully skeletonized dial. They are water resistant and incorporate practical features such as the chronograph or the GMT complication. X-Series offers a perfect blend of style and versatility, thus appealing particularly to active people looking for a timepiece capable of accompanying them on a daily basis.

With its unique models, its precision automatic movements and its bold, contemporary lines, Ciga Design is a brand for watchmaking enthusiasts and for design lovers looking for exceptional watches.

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