The federal wrestling festival in the Basel area & robust watches

The federal wrestling festival in the Basel area & robust watches

Soon it’s time again. After three long years, the federal wrestling festival is finally being held again. From August 26th to 28th it will take place for the first time since the beginning of the 120-year history in the Basel area. In line with the main canton of watches, Tissot is one of the sponsors of the event. In this article you will find out what the idiosyncratic wrestling festival is all about and which robust watches we recommend for sports-loving spectators.

The federal wrestling festival – Hornussen, stone throwing and wrestling

The Swiss Wrestling & Alpine Festival (ESAF for short) takes place every three years. During this time, participants compete in the Swiss national sports of hornussen, stone throwing and wrestling. The festival was first held in 1895 and since then the competitions have been held in a 3-year cycle. This year there is something special, because on August 26th the Federal Wrestling Festival will take place for the first time in the Basel area (Pratteln). A total of 380 hornussers, 100 stone throwers and 280 wrestlers will take part.

Three days for the Swiss national sports

Hornussen is a team sport in which a small plastic disc (the hornuss) has to be hit as far as possible into the playing field (opposing reams). The opponents must then try to intercept the disc with their shingles before it touches the ground.

At the stone throwing As the name suggests, the participants have to push a stone as far away from themselves as possible. To do this, they take a running start and then throw the heavy stone onto a sandy surface. The discipline is similar to the long jump, but measuring the distance of the throw rather than a jump.

The Swing is the most popular sport of the ESAF. Schwingen is a form of freestyle wrestling that is fought on sawdust. In a duel, the participants have to try to force their rivals onto their backs by swinging.

Swiss national sport wrestling

Robust watches for the federal wrestling festival

For a tough sport or lifestyle, a watch that can take a beating is also recommended. The following models were specially designed for extreme loads and are considered to be particularly robust.

Casio G-Shock GST Steel

The Casio G-Shock GST Steel combines the advantages of a wide variety of technologies and materials. The case consists of a stainless steel-resin case, which is protected against scratches and shocks at the same time. Plastic was used for the strap, giving the watch great flexibility. The dial is analogue and has silvery hands. In the middle there are three digital displays for different functions. The Casio G-Shock GST Steel is waterproof up to 200 meters and has increased protection against impacts.

  • Radio-accurate time and date display
  • Stopwatch (1/1000s, 100h)
  • Countown Timer
  • World time display (29 time zones)
  • Automatic calendar
  • Background lighting Auto LED
  • Protected and low-corrosion stainless steel push button
  • stainless steel base (screwed)
  • scratch-resistant mineral glass (flat)
  • special synthetic tape (black)
  • Experience has shown that materials are anti-allergic
Casio G-Shock watch


  • Stop function (10/s,sec,min,12h)
  • white date display (4h)
  • high-contrast dial (black)
  • Large white luminous numerals and hands with Superluminova luminous material
  • PVD blackened stainless steel case (matt)
  • unidirectional rotating diver’s bezel (60 divisions)
  • scratch-resistant ceramic ring (white lettering)
  • extra large crown (screwed)
  • screwed stainless steel bottom (engraved)
  • scratch-resistant sapphire crystal (flat)
  • soft silicone bracelet (black)
  • Stainless steel pin buckle
Zeno Diver Ceramic watch

LUMINOX Navy Seal Steel

The LUMINOX Navy Seal Steel is also ideal for diving, as it also has a water resistance of ATM 20 (200 meters). Like the Zeno Ceramic Diver, the Navy Seal Steel is made of blackened PVD stainless steel. The H3 Trigalight hands make this watch special because they have been coated with a luminous material that is self-luminous. This will illuminate the dial in dark places such as deep water.

  • Long-term battery from Renata, Itingen
  • Black framed luminous pointer with H3-Trigalight Luminous marking
  • Black PVD stainless steel case (316L)
  • unidirectional rotating PVD bezel (black) with tritium luminous reference point (sapphire glass window)
  • scratch-resistant sapphire glass (flat)
  • protected flanks
  • screw-down crown (with double seal)
  • black PVD stainless steel base (screwed)
  • black PVD stainless steel bracelet
  • Safety folding clasp with diver’s extension
  • Experience has shown that materials are anti-allergic
Luminox Navy Seal Steal wristwatch for the Federal Swiss Wrestling Festival

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