The Beaubleu WAtch Comeback – Vitruvius Collection

Beaubleu, the French brand famous for its circular hands is back with a new collection. OUR opinion on the Vitruvius collection by Beaubleu.

Beaubleu Vitruve: a superb watch

When I am asked what recent brand will be iconic tomorrow, I often find it difficult to be categorical. But if I had to take bets, I would definitely bet on Beaubleu, the tricolor brand created by Nicolas Pham, and its beautiful watches with circular hands.

We have already presented the previous Beaubleu collections to you on the MBA blog and are delighted to announce the release of the Vitruvius collection which is simply splendid. You will also discover at the end of the article an exclusive interview with Nicolas Pham who agreed to answer our questions.

The exceptional Vitruvius collection has made a comeback by Beaubleu
We find the superb circular hands on the Beaubleu Vitruve

Beaubleu Vitruve: a triple collection

The Beaubleu Vitruve collection includes three types of watches: the Vitruvian Datethere Vitruvian Origin and the Vitruvian GMT. A short tour of the specificities of each sub-collection.

La Vitruvius Date: an attractive architecture

As its name suggests, the Vitruvius Date has an elegantly inserted “date” at 6 o’clock. The graphic game between the circular hands and the small metallic circles of the dial are a real success!

beaubleu vitruve date watch
Beaubleu Vitruvian Date

On the technical side, the watch embeds a Japanese movement Miyota 9015 (which has proven itself), a case in 316L steel and one sapphire glass. These high quality materials are also found on the Vitruve GMT and Vitruve Origine watches.

Only 888 copies of the Vitruvius Date will be produced and is available for pre-order now on the Beaubleu website.

Price at 650€ instead of 950€ for the first orders, delivery from September.

La Vitruve Origine uses the graphic codes of the previous collections

If you liked the previous Beaubleu collections like the Beaubleu Union collection then the Vitruve Origine will particularly please you.

1681595241 345 The exceptional Vitruvius collection has made a comeback by Beaubleu
The Vitruvius Origin

On the Vitruve Origine, the three circular hands unfold on a double dial. The first fumé dial exhibits pad printing in Roman numerals and rests on the second which is guilloche with a velvet color. The indexes seem to float as if by magic.

The Vitruvius GMT: the little nugget in our opinion.

Everyone will have their favorite sub-collection but for us the Vitruvius GMT particularly touched us!

1681595241 138 The exceptional Vitruvius collection has made a comeback by Beaubleu
The Beaubleu Vitruve GMT watch: superb!

Composed of two hidden crowns, the watch has a complication that can be discovered by operating one of them. Thus, the flange, stamped with 12 digits, rotates and indicates the time from another part of the world.

The model with blue dial and black leather strap (shown above) is exceptionally elegant.

Price at €810 instead of €1110 for the first orders, delivery from September. Pre-orders here.

For each collection, you have the choice between several colors of dial and bracelet, which allows everyone to compose their favorite Vitruvian.

We really invite you to test Beaubleu watches. They have a unique design that will have your friends wondering how these circular needles work. It’s a talented young French brand that you have to follow! And speaking of talent, we had the chance to ask a few questions to Nicolas Pham, creator of Beaubleu watches.

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