The criteria for choosing your style of watch

The criteria for choosing your style of watch

The watch is now considered a piece of jewelry in addition to its functional side. However, it is difficult to make a choice among all the models available. Here’s a little guide to find it.

Indeed, there are hundreds of thousands of different models. You will therefore necessarily find a watch that will match your style. Be aware, however, that to make your choice, it is best to wear and try the watch in store on your wrist. Indeed, regardless of the style you are looking for, comfort is the essential criterion that should not be overlooked.

Watches can have different shapes: oval, round, square or rectangular. You can choose it according to your preferences, but also according to the other bracelets you want to wear next.

The different watch styles

If you like bling, pretty materials but your style is quite classic, you will love the men’s watch. The generally large dial is suitable for the male wrist, but this style will also delight women looking to give character to their style.

Generally, men’s watch models have straps in platinum, silver or gold. You can also find rose gold or tortoiseshell dials.

It is very important to try on men’s watches beforehand as they are often large and heavy, and may not be suitable for thin wrists.

You wear this style of watch with everything but avoid the accumulation of bracelets around this watch.

If you don’t like chunky watches, opt for an elegant or chic watch instead. This watch model will appeal to people with a classic style because the models look like real jewelry. The bracelets of elegant watches are usually available in leather or metal. Note, however, that if you plan to keep your watch for a long time, the leather ones are timeless and you can change the strap more easily if it gets damaged.

The elegant watch therefore goes perfectly with a minimalist, chic and even sporty style.

The sports watch usually has a digital display. You have a wide choice of bracelet with this style of watch. In fact, you can choose

between fabric, canvas or a rubber, silicone or PVC structure. The choice of colors and patterns are also just as varied.

You can combine the sporty watch with a casual or sporty look. For the more daring, you can also combine the sports watch with a more classic and soft look.

This is the new trend in watches. Connected watches will appeal to all techno-addicts because they give a “James Bond” look.
The advantage of a connected watch is that it can adapt to all styles. Some models like the iWatch exist with a coating of precious metals to appeal to a wealthy clientele. You will also find more classic models on the market with leather or silicone straps. The advantage of connected watches is that in addition to knowing the time, you can receive calls and text messages thanks to synchronization with your phone.

Which watch color to choose?

Choosing a watch color is never easy. The easiest way is to choose a color that highlights your complexion.

Dark skin, for example, can wear as much gold as silver, opt for bright or pastel colors. However, they should avoid colors that are too dark or too dull such as brown, black or khaki.

Black or dark skin can fall for silver models, in white gold or with diamonds. The colors will also be very pretty on their skin tone.

White skins can opt for gold, silver but should only avoid shades that are too light like white, for example.

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