The Clichy Jewelry Store: an enchanting realm for admirers of exquisite jewelry

Explore the Clichy Bijouterie, a world of wonders for lovers of precious jewelry

Local jewelry, reflections of French know-how

Walking the streets of Clichy, an impression quickly emerges. The jewelers and designers who have chosen to open their establishment there are driven by the same love of the profession, of handmade work and the impeccable quality of their products. Made in France is proudly claimed here, both in terms of the techniques used and the materials used.

Artisanal and modern techniques

The know-how traditionally associated with French jewelry is intended to be preserved, but also to adapt to technological developments and new consumer expectations. Thus, it is not uncommon to come across workshops where jewelry artisans work with both manual tools and computer-controlled machines. The combination of these methods makes it possible to preserve the original spirit while offering ever more precise and daring pieces.

Quality materials

Clichy jewelry is also characterized by the use of noble and durable materials, such as gold, silver or platinum. Other components such as precious or semi-precious stones are also chosen for their ethical provenance and aesthetics. The advantage of using quality raw materials lies in the longevity of the jewelry thus created, which can be passed down from generation to generation without losing its original shine.

A wide choice for all tastes and all occasions

Strolling through the windows of the shops present at Clichy 92, we quickly notice the diversity of the proposals. All desires and all budgets can find something to suit them, whether rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or watches.

Wedding pieces and wedding rings

One of the renowned jewelry specialties in this region is that of marriage and the celebration of unions, with an incredible choice of wedding rings and solitaires in diamonds and yellow, white or pink gold.

Costume jewelry and original creations

Alongside traditional offerings, many designers take great pleasure in playing with the codes of jewelry, by offering daring and offbeat pieces. Costume jewelry is made from innovative or diverted materials, for a result that is always chic and slightly unusual.

Personalized creations

For those who would like to offer a unique gift, it is also possible to place an order with a jeweler in this area of ​​Clichy. Custom creation allows you to design a unique piece, which perfectly reflects the personality of the loved one for whom it is intended.

Our advice for choosing your ideal piece of jewelry

In order to have the best experience at Clichyhere are some tips to facilitate your possible purchases in relation to the characteristics of these different types of jewelry:

  • Consider the style of the person you are giving the jewelry to : take into consideration their tastes in fashion, colors and materials.
  • Learn about allergies : some people cannot tolerate certain metals like nickel, leather, etc.
  • Pay attention to the sizes : take your measurements before buying a ring or bracelet to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Choose quality over quantity : a beautiful, carefully chosen piece of jewelry is better than a series of less refined pieces.

In short, the Clichy jewelry store seems to be the dream place for any jewelry lover wishing to discover French creations that are both elegant and original. Whatever the occasion or the budget, it is certain that everyone will be able to find what they are looking for among the many options available.

List of local companies for the search “Bijouterie Clichy”

E.Leclerc Jewelery Carousel

Kechout Gallery

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 53 Rue de Neuilly, 92110 Clichy
  • Telephone: +33782770221


  • Activity category: Costume jewelry
  • Telephone: +33767017356


  • Activity category: Wholesale jewelry seller
  • Address: 138 Bd Jean Jaurès, 92110 Clichy
  • Telephone: +33661734266

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Telephone: +33185090003
  • Website :

Marcotte Gerard

  • Activity category: Costume jewelry
  • Address: 6 All. of Europe, 92110 Clichy
  • Phone: +33621645389


  • Activity category: Costume jewelry


  • Activity category: Jewelry


  • Activity category: Costume jewelry
  • Phone: +33670139944
  • Website :

Wokam Kamseu Snc

  • Activity category: Costume jewelry
  • Address: 49 Rue Klock, 92110 Clichy
  • Phone: +33950849452

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