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The Bersigar Watch: Our Perspective

Every week, visitors ask us for our opinion on BERSIGAR watches. Here is what we think of this Chinese watch brand.

Bersigar, new name for Pagani Design watches

Some wondered but yes Bersigar is the new name for watches Pagani Design. Pagani Design was included in Jimmy’s list of respectable quality Chinese watches when it was published in 2016.

This change of name raises questions: while “Pagani Design” transported us to Italian luxury, Ferraris and Mediterranean insurance, we admit that this new name “Bersigar” with Moldavian sounds leaves us a little unmoved. Did the brand have legal problems with the name “Pagani”? To dig.

Bersigar does not yet have a official site, I imagine it won’t be long given their great success on the internet.

Our opinion on Bersigar watches?

Bersigar is clearly a brand that offers copies of major luxury brands. There is no creativity and a clear desire to offer mythical model inspirations for €100.

Important clarification: we are not dealing here with the fake Rolex, a complete copy including the brand’s logo, but with what the watch industry calls “tribute” and which we will nevertheless call “copy” because a tribute is a pleasure and I do not am not sure that our friends from Rolex, Omega and Audemars Piguet appreciate Bersigar watches.
That being said, the quality Bersigar watches is good for watches under 100€. We find there sapphire crystalsof the Seiko movements and quality steel. The finishes are quite neat. In short, you get what you pay for.

Here are some examples of the immense creativity of Bersigar:

BERSIGAR vs. Rolex Submariner

BERSIGAR’s most popular models are homages to the Rolex Submariner. These are copies of the mythical 5513 or the popular Hulk (ref 116610LV)

The BERSIGAR Watch Our Perspective
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And obviously, Rolex will be delighted to see that these models sell for thousands on Amazon at a very different price.

Bersigar vs. Rolex Daytona

Bersigar has also imitated the design of the mythical Rolex Daytona.

Bersigar vs. Audemars Piguet

If all Bersigar looked like Rolex Subs, you’d think their designer was raised in the Rolex myth…but no, they also produce very different watches…and yet they’ll remind you of someone.

Wouldn’t this one have an air of mythical Royal Oak ofAudemars Piguet?

1682481616 750 The BERSIGAR Watch Our Perspective
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In any case, it is not at all the same price on Amazon.

Bersigar vs. Omega Speedmaster

And the brilliant creativity of Bersigar does not stop there with an inspiration coming from nowhere… or rather from the famous Omega Speedmasterthe first watch to go to the Moon:

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If you look carefully, you will also find “tributes” to Hublot, Patek Philippe, etc…

Wearing a Bersigar, what do you think?

Bersigar therefore produces decent quality watches under 100€ who are inspired by mythical models of Swiss watchmaking.

It’s a phenomenon that makes you uncomfortable: you wonder why the big Swiss brands can’t stop these “copies with the logo”. I imagine that Bersigar employs more lawyers than designers.

What about the owners of Bersigar? Unlike the idiots who buy a fake Rolex, the owners of Bersigar clearly announce that they are fans of the Rolex Sub or the AP Royal Oak but cannot afford it. It’s completely respectable. And the three people I know who have a Bersigar or a Pagani Design are very happy with it. So there is no scam on quality (every buyer knows that he is not buying a Rolex).

The MBA blog nevertheless invites you to lean towards other brands such as East Or Seiko who have a history of their own and who are much more respected in the cutthroat world of watchmaking.

Here is this opinion on Bersigar only commits us. I’m sure some readers hate this brand and others are very tempted.

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