Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 1

Taipei Edition: MB&F LM Split Escapement EVO

Following the LM Perpetual EVO, LM Sequential EVO and LM Split Escapement EVO models, MB&F presents a new special edition EVO, dedicated to MB&F LAB from Taipei. A new model, a new dial color that is as striking as it is beautiful, green dials on black platinum. A watch that will arrive in a limited edition of only 20 units.

«As with all good stories, it is best to start at the beginning. The original idea of ​​the LM Split Escapement arose in 2015, following the LM Perpetual. The perpetual calendar designed and conceived by the Northern Irish master watchmaker Stephen McDonnell had to meet two unavoidable requirements: to be easy to use and not to cover the distinctive MB&F suspended balance wheel arranged in the center of the dial. McDonnell quickly realized that there was a problem: there was no room to put the exhaust. On previous Legacy Machines, which featured the balance wheel on the front of the watch next to the escapement, the concept had worked perfectly. However, given the layout of the LM Perpetual’s perpetual calendar—a more complex creation—there simply wasn’t enough room to fit both elements.

McDonnell, an undoubtedly decisive man, came up with an ingenious idea that consisted of creating the largest balance wheel shaft in the world, which would go through the entire movement. Thus, he separated the large balance wheel, which would remain only on the front of the watch, from the rest of the escapement parts (the lever and the escapement wheel) to place them on the opposite side of the movement, almost 12 mm below; hence the name “split exhaust.”


Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei

A new watch with the unmistakable style of the MB&F house. While the first editions of the LM Split Escapement were designed with MB&F’s classic Legacy Machine case, the collection now also includes the EVO case, designed for a more active lifestyle thanks to greater resistance to both water and shock.

Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 3

A dial that surprises with its design with its large steering wheel floating on the black plate, with a striking brushing on which the green subdials also contrast. All the elements combined make a balanced set that simulates floating with great beauty.

Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 5
Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 4

The case is made of grade 5 titanium. It has a size of 44 mm in diameter and a thickness of 17.5 mm. It has sapphire crystals on the front and back with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Inside the EVO case, movement is suspended thanks to FlexRing, a monobloc shock absorption system that cushions impacts on the vertical and lateral axes. The crown is screwed and has water resistance up to 8 bar, 80 meters.

Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 2

The caliber has been developed by Stephen McDonnell for MB&F. Mechanical movement with manual winding and a power reserve of 72 hours. It has a split escapement with a 14 mm balance wheel suspended over the dial with traditional custom-made regulating screws visible from the top of the movement, and an anchor located under the movement. The finishes have been made by hand, beveled internal angles that highlight the craftsmanship, polished bevels, Côtes de Genève decoration and engravings…

It is available with two rubber straps: one white that creates a fresh contrast or another in a beautiful dark gray color that matches perfectly with the watch plate.

Mb&F LM Split Escapement EVO Edition Taipei 1


The approximate RRP is €94,000 and can only be purchased at the MB&F LAB of Taipei. MB&F

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