Swiss Watches Overpriced or Worth it

Swiss Watches Overpriced or Worth it?

A watch has many more passive functionalities than just being able to tell the time you see a watch specifically a Swiss made watch acts more as a status symbol than a wash since they’re crafted with the most delicate materials and often Handmade by professionals which is one of the

Reasons why they cost nearly an arm and a leg but should you or anyone else be paying that ridiculous amount of money to be in possession of a Swiss watch more importantly is it worth it well why don’t we find out Swiss watches can be considered as the

Very definition of luxury itself putting themselves on an equal level alongside sports cars and signature Shades watch aficionados all around the world would literally pay thousands even Millions for a watch that has a Rolex Patek Philippe or IWC branding interestingly what these three brands have in common

Is that they’re all Swiss made and with that we’ll take a deep dive into what exactly can be identified as a Swiss watch the term itself was adopted in the late 19th century meaning the timepiece has met the standards of Switzerland the time has been used so much that it’s

More of a generic synonym instead of a geologically restricted expression want to know something interesting there are actual laws that determine whether a watch can be deemed as a Swiss made which has been established in 1971 with no changes in these laws for over five decades here are the five primary laws

That need to be followed in in order to claim itself a Swiss watch number one movement should be Swiss number two the watches need to be crafted in Switzerland number three the movement of the watch is cased in Switzerland number four at least 60 percent of a timepieces manufacturing costs should be

Based in Switzerland and number five the final inspection of the watch should be done in Switzerland this law alone should pretty much give you an idea of the attention to detail an intricate process the Swiss go through in order to make a watch also reflects their passion and love for

Watchmaking in general although nowadays there are several loopholes some specific Brands take advantage of we wouldn’t consider them Swiss watches because they for obvious reasons lack the spirit or Dare we say the soul simply put there’s a lot of debate regarding the importance and initially the value of the Swiss watch while some

Believe the Swiss watches are something to be worn by Aristocrats and should be gate kept from the general public others think at the end of the day it’s only just a brand whatever the case may be the Swiss watches have one thing that no one can disagree with and that is their

Pristine craftsmanship and accurate timing capabilities and combine that with the components they use to produce the watches and the craftsmanship they utilize makes a difference so what kind of components could require this almost absurd amount of money glad you asked first up the Swiss watchmakers design their watch movements with an immense

Amount of pride one such example can be found in the Rolex 3255 movement which you’ll find in some Rolex day-date watches these movements take literal years to craft and even more when you count the time it takes to assemble and finalize which will then last for centuries speaking of time when you’re

Looking for a Swiss watch of the utmost quality just the modeling process could take months since the production rate is very slow and the demand of the market is very high it’s only obvious to see why there’s a sky-high price tag with Swiss watches for example a watch from

Patek Philippe takes more than six years to make so go figure now the components nothing except the richest of components and materials is used to craft Swiss watches the materials are not only for show though since these are the components that make these watches so accurate reliable and

Durable for example on Mars pigat Royal Oak collection is famous for brandishing their watches with gold and diamond hence making them one of the most luxurious Swiss watches that could be considered a dream gift for any Aristocrat also making a statement in its sheer appearance the Swiss watches

Puts out an impression of pure Prestige and luxury any luxury watch Enthusiast wouldn’t even bat an eye at the price since usually they come from a pretty strong financial background and are more than prepared to pay the full amount and things go even higher when you sell

These watches at an auction for example in 1999 a 24 function watch that was crafted back in the 1930s for Banker Henry Graves was sold for 11 million dollars and it doesn’t stop there after a decade the same old watch was sold for a staggering 23 million dollars making a

Name and taking the place as the most expensive watch in the history of watches now with all that here’s the question is a premium Swiss watch really worth it for the premium price the overwhelming amount of time and attention to detail to craft a single unit and the utilization of the

Components that produce a watch with accurate time telling abilities that’ll last you not a year 10 years 20 years but Generations yes we’d say it’s worth it now yes obviously these watches aren’t for the masses and are tailor made for those who can afford them and a small number of people who desire

Nothing but the best do let us know what your favorite lineup of Swiss watches is so we would love to hear from you and as for everything else don’t forget to like share subscribe and hit the Bell icon if you want more content like this on your feed [Applause]

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