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Sequent SuperCharger 2.3 and Elektron 2.3 watch

Unlike other smartwatches that require electrical charging, Sequent watches are distinguished by their power mechanism similar to automatic watches, based on the movements of the user’s wrist.

The 2.2 movement technology, visible through the open back of the watch, employs a rotor that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy, thus providing the watch with a significant power reserve. This watch not only displays the time, it also collects various health and fitness data. The in-house Oxygo app tracks steps, measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and tracks workouts using e-GPS.

Introducing the SEQUENT SuperCharger 2.3 and Elektron 2.3

sequent supercharger watch

The latest iteration of this groundbreaking technology, the Sequent SuperCharger 2.3, elevates the game even further by increasing the efficiency of the energy conversion process and offering improved health tracking features.

With the introduction of the Elektron 2.3, a new advanced chipset, the watch is now more powerful and energy-efficient than ever, ensuring that even the most active users can enjoy a seamless experience without worrying about battery life.

Enhanced Health Tracking and Personalized Insights

sequent watch

The Sequent SuperCharger 2.3 and Elektron 2.3 combination doesn’t just stop at better energy conversion and performance; it also brings a wealth of enhanced health tracking capabilities, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of their well-being.

The updated Oxygo app now offers personalized insights and recommendations, based on the user’s health data, making it easier than ever to set and achieve fitness goals.

Sleep tracking and stress monitoring have also been added to the roster of features, providing users with a comprehensive view of their overall health and the tools to make informed decisions about their lifestyle.

The brand

Sequent is a Swiss brand, born in 2015 and whose funding comes from Kickstarter. For their first model (which you can discover here) the funding reached some 1.2 million Swiss francs… Enough to turn heads, and especially to launch a production with good means.

The company hires 35 people internationally, who work to produce the watches.

Sequent is rather discreet about its origins, their website and Kickstarter campaign are very focused on the watch.

The watch

The idea of this Supercharger 1 is to solve an eternal problem for connected watches, that of autonomy.

What could be more frustrating than to put on a 100% charged watch, wear it for several days (or hours, depending on the watch) and finally be limited to some of its functionalities because of its empty battery…

So obviously, it tells the time. But it also offers many features.

sequent supercharger 1

You can thus :

  • Track your physical activity (walking, running …)
  • Create GPS tracks with the integrated chip
  • Receive notifications in the form of vibrations
  • Measure your heart rate
  • Have a watch that is always on time with automatic synchronization

And all this, without battery. Note, however, that a cable comes with the watch, which allows you to recharge the electronic part independently of the mechanism. In other words, if the watch has not been charged by the mechanism movement for a long time, a little electricity can be useful.

The presence of the cable surprised me a bit (in the bad sense of the word) since I had the impression to have been tricked and to have to recharge the watch regularly… I think that Sequent should specify the usefulness of this cable on their website.

The case

This Sequent has rather important size characteristics. The diameter of the case is 43mm excluding the crown, for 16,5mm thickness!

The diameter is rather “correct” although it doesn’t make the Supercharger an example of discretion, but the 16,5mm thickness makes it really thick. Really.

On the wrist, it wears well, but the mineral glass (class K1) is strongly curved, so beware of the blows… It’s a shame that the glass is so thick, I think we could have saved a few millimeters without too much difficulty.

The coating of the case middle is a polished steel on the lugs, and matte black for the bottom that supports the dial. The setting crown is not really a crown, it is actually a button. This one is engraved with the logo of the brand, with a nice precision.

On the bottom, we notice the heart sensor, and a view (small but present) on the automatic movement. And by the way, it’s a very good idea that we can see it, since it’s THE biggest argument of the watch.

The dial

This Supercharger has the advantage of having a well purified dial in spite of an impressive number of functions. Everything is placed in an ingenious way, and the result is an easy and quick reading of the time, and the information of the “connected” part.

The hands for reading the time are flat with a rounded end, and a small luminescent line in their center. The one for the hour is different from the one for the minutes, with a different dimension.

At 12 o’clock we find the Sequent logo, and at 6 o’clock the mention “Sequent Supercharger”. Two small counters are present with a different color signature, orange on the left and blue on the right. These counters indicate different data, which you can find in the linked mobile application.

This watch comes in several dial colors, and I opted for the blue version. I find the association between this blue and the brown strap very successful.

In short, this dial is well thought out, both simple and uncluttered, with all the features present.


This watch is a “connected watch” that you can link to your smartphone by the Bluetooth protocol. It uses the Bluetooth version 4, which is not the latest, but which is known to consume little energy and be reliable.

The Sequent application is somewhat disappointing.

The connection to the watch is not very simple, the stability of this connection is very average. For your information I test with a OnePlus 5T (under Android 9).

The application allows you to retrieve the statistics of the pedometer of the watch, to set the time and other small settings. Clearly, the difference with the Kronaby app is impressive.

Visually, the application is “correct”, but is not an impressive success.

Connectivity will therefore not be the main argument for the purchase of this Sequent!

The bracelet

This Supercharger is sold with a bracelet created by Sequent directly, and this bracelet is very successful. It is a clever mix of rubber and leather, so as to offer a stylish look without the disadvantages of leather.

It measures 22mm wide, and can be replaced by a strap that is not from Sequent, which is a good thing!

The proposed version is rather thick but soft enough to be adjusted easily. The texture is very successful, and on the wrist it is a comfortable bracelet.

For the closure, we can rely on a proprietary buckle, which makes the two ends of the bracelet and interlock together. The advantage is that we avoid having the thickness of a pin buckle, and the adjustment is very easy.

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