How to store your watches according to their movements

Storing Watches Based on Their Movements: A Guide

Summary :

  1. Put away your quartz watch
  2. How to store automatic watches
  3. Put away your solar watch
  4. How to store your watches by case

A watch is a precious object. Like any self-respecting piece of jewellery, you have to take care of it and treat it with delicacy when you wear it… And even when you don’t! So how do you store your watches?

This question may seem trivial, but it’s actually quite the opposite. This step is much more necessary than it may seem. It is all the more so when it comes to storing an automatic watch or a solar one, for example, whose mechanisms naturally require more attention.

Let’s see together how these subtleties should be taken into account and how to optimize your cabinet so that it best accommodates your watch accessories.

Put away your quartz watch

There women’s quartz watch or man is certainly the least restrictive. The most widespread model, and for good reason: its movement is independent so it does not require any particular attention. Quartz works despite outside elements. It is governed by nothing but a stack. It powers its movement continuously no matter how often you wear it.

When you store it, you can then simply put it in its case and take it out the next day. On the other hand, when you plan to leave it aside for a while in favor of another model, remember to pull the watch crown outwards to stop its movement. This will preserve battery longevity.

How to store automatic watches

The automatic watch, on the other hand, is more dependent. It works by mechanical force. You are also the centerpiece of its movement. Neither battery nor external battery, only your physical activity can maintain its mechanism. Our ranges Odyssey And Imperial in particular comply with this principle.

If you don’t wear it beyond 42 hours, it just stops working. The said 42 hours correspond to the power reserve watch, or the jewel’s capacity for autonomy. This action is obviously reversible. You will have to wind the crown to restart it.

To avoid this manipulation, there are many devices. The most practical being to invest in an automatic watch winder.

Watch winders often take the form of small display cases. Put your watch on the cushion provided for this purpose and it starts to turn thanks to a concealed motor. This perpetual motion allows the watch to keep its activity without you having to wear it.

There are different types of watch winders. Today, these are thought of as design objects and are designed to fit best into the decor of your bedroom or dressing room. Some equipment can also contain several tocantes.

Many specialized sites offer this kind of object for sale; available directly online. Or go to a watchmaker to foster local trade and expertise.

Put away your solar watch

As its name suggests, the solar watch works with light. It must therefore be exposed to it to regenerate. In a wardrobe or a bedside table, it is immediately more complicated to let the process take place.

Sunbathing is then inevitable. When you put on your accessory, it captures natural or artificial light thanks to photovoltaic cells affixed to the face of the movement. The rays pierce the semi-transparent dial, are collected by the tiny panels and then stored in a rechargeable battery which converts them into energy. Seduced by its innovative character, Swiss Made Watch launched its own solar collection. The selected movement comes from the Japanese Maison Epson. It also has a very large autonomy; it can work up to 4 months in total darkness. This period of time therefore leaves you the possibility of storing your men’s solar watch wherever you want, regardless of the exposure threshold of the room.

You can therefore put it preciously in its original case, or display it proudly in its solar display him too. Swiss Made Watch has developed a tailor-made tool combining a practical function and an aesthetic function. The practical aspect is obviously to store your jewel, the aesthetic aspect that of offering it the space it deserves. Its base in particular has two solar panels that allow the accessory to turn on itself as if it were displayed in a window.

How to store your watches by case

It therefore seems complicated to find a system that can maintain all types of mechanisms. Note that these storage units have a practical function, but are not essential. If the power reserve of your car runs out, for example, you just have to wind it up manually. The manipulation is carried out as easily as quickly.

The question “how to store your watches?” remains, however, very legitimate. If it is not necessary to supply the watch movement permanently, it is however necessary to protect them. At least if you want to keep them for the long term.

Here are the different solutions to choose from:

The round case is your best travel companion. There are obviously different shapes, but the cylindrical shape has some additional advantages, in particular that of carrying accessories.

The inside of the case contains a foam roll on which to place your different models. A strap allows you to close the case and thus keep the bundle safe.

This allows you to arrange all your jewelry in the same place, moreover in a beautiful object. It may be in leather or any other sufficiently resistant material. The capacity can be more or less important depending on the model. Some craftsmen also offer to make tailor-made models in order to best meet everyone’s expectations.

  • Multi-storage box

The multi-storage box is just as practical, but less easily transportable. Its rectangular shape is more massive. It is also often composed of an upper part to store watches, and a lower drawer to keep other things such as bracelets for example. It is therefore ideal for perfectly organizing your collection.

It is a rigid box that particularly resembles traditional jewelry boxes. The top of the box is often composed of a transparent window revealing the objects inside. There is therefore an aesthetic and symbolic dimension to arranging your own relics there.

The box is divided into several compartments, separated by partitions to avoid shocks or friction between jewelry. Each contains a foam cushion for maximum support.

The Swiss Made Watch Solution

Wooden box Swiss Made Watch Watch

The bamboo cabinet option is exclusive to Swiss Made Watch. It is exclusively issued with watches over 200 euros, including chronograph ranges and automatic skeletons.

It is a rigid box made up of a black cushion that can accommodate only one watch. Its protective capacity is all the more important since it is made of wood. It can be used as a decorative object, and also especially to prevent wear. How to store your watches has never been so obvious.

A case of any kind is the ultimate gift idea for a watch collector. Find our guides on the blog to accompany you in the quest for the best present. We also publish essential tips and tricks for maintaining your various jewellery.

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