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Sleek new strap design rumored for Apple Watch 9 launch

Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch 9 in a few weeks — it’s expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 15, with the latest iPhone 15 launch date rumors pointing to a September 12 or 13 event . And, a new leak suggests that the Apple Watch 9 will arrive with a new strap design.

Rumors have been sparse, but the health-focused smartwatch, and successor to 2022’s Apple Watch 8, will most likely offer many of the same features as previous models, albeit with better specs and possibly better specs. be some additional gadgets that we can take advantage of.

However, according to @KosutamiSan on X (formerly Twitter), we’ll also see a new strap, which will apparently be made of fabric materials and a magnetic buckleThe source comparing the strap design to the Modern Buckle strap design with which the original Apple Watch debuted. The fabric design is reminiscent of the look of the braided Solo Loop and Sport Loop straps, meaning this strap could be an amalgamation of several of Apple’s Watch strap options.

We also got a glimpse of a concept for the new strap, although the gray design shared by the leaker doesn’t tell us too much about what we should expect. Kosutami is an Apple product collector who has previously revealed details of unreleased or discontinued Apple design projects, such as MagSafe chargers and AirPods cases that come in a wider variety of vibrant colors.

That said, it’s highly likely that Apple will offer a new type of strap with the Apple Watch 9, whether it’s the one Kosutami mentioned or something completely different.

Visually distinct

According to knowledgeable people, Apple Watch 9 will have many visual similarities to Apple Watch 8, although under the hood it will use a much more powerful chipset than its predecessor. A simple way for Apple to help us visually distinguish between the two smart watches would be to propose new colors and/or a new strap design that could feature prominently in marketing materials.

Even if the Apple Watch 9 visually differs from the Watch 8 without a new bracelet, the design possibilities offered by a new type of bracelet could appeal to Apple Watch wearers who are tired of their current bracelets.

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