Les points communs entre les marques de luxe françaises les plus influentes et dynamiques

Shared Characteristics Among Top Influential and Dynamic French Luxury Brands

The most influential luxury fashion brands in France
Louis Vuitton – 1st place: the LVMH group brand has been at the top of this ranking since 2018 with a value exceeding 102 billion dollars. It also shows the strongest growth since 2021 (+72%).

Hermes – 2nd place: it is valued at 57.5 billion dollars, with +48% growth in 2021.

Chanel – 3rd place: it weighs 57.1 billion dollars, with an increase of +30% since 2021.

Dior – 8th place: this brand of the LVMH group is valued at 8.76 billion dollars, representing growth of +47% since 2021.

cartier – 9th place (the strongest growth in the ranking): it is worth 8.2 billion dollars, an increase of +88% since 2021 and +51% between 2022 and 2023.

Louis Vuitton, a leader who is also establishing itself internationally
Thanks to a policy of high prices in its main markets (China, Japan and the United States), Louis Vuitton posted the best results in the Kantar ranking.

A challenge made possible by a strategy that combines several levers:
• The alternation of iconic best-sellers and novelties, to build the loyalty of historical customers while attracting the new generation.
• Collaborations for a collection: Yayoi Kusama, Suprême, Stephen Sprouse, Jeff Koons…
• Audacious experiments: the brand, acclaimed for its ephemeral fashion shows, also ventures into gastronomy with, for example, the opening of a restaurant in Saint-Tropez with the starred chef Mory Sacko or even a cultural and culinary place in Paris with pastry chef Maxime Frédéric…

Today, Louis Vuitton is the only French brand to be included in the ranking of the most influential brands (all sectors combined) in the world in 2023. It ranks 10th, alongside giants such as GAFAM or Mc Donald “.

For Modalova, the brands that show good growth have similarities:
They are useful (meaningful). Their positioning, clear and coherent, makes it possible to create a strong relationship with customers, both functional and emotional. Thus, the brands that perform are perceived as having more meaning than the others: +21% for those in the Top 100 and +37% for those in the Top 10.

They are different (different). They display a strong identity, different from the competition and are often seen as pioneers. This ability to innovate makes them irreplaceable and strengthens their leadership position. The figures speak for themselves: +21% differentiation for the brands in the Top 100 and +31% for those in the Top 10.

They are striking (salient). Their impactful communication imposes them as references in the minds of customers, who spontaneously cite them (we speak of “Top of mind notoriety”). They thus benefit from a higher conversion rate when the buyer makes a decision.

The numbers to remember: companies in the Top 100 are 34% more memorable than the average for all brands, while those in the Top 10 are two-thirds (69%).

The cumulative value of the top 50 brands has increased by +30% in two years to reach $424 billion (vs. $325 billion in 2021).

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