Serica revisits its Field Watch with the new reference 6190

Serica 6190: the revamped Field Watch

Time definitely passes very quickly. Serica, which is a young brand, has already just revisited its very first model released in 2019, the Field Watch (which took the reference 4512 a year later during its first evolution) by presenting the new reference 6190. At first glance ‘eye, the two watches seem very close. And yet the 6190 is clearly different from the 4512.

In fact, Serica’s desire was to retain the spirit of the initial watch while strengthening the brand’s identity, following on from more recent models such as the 8315 GMT Chronometer and the 5302 Diving Chronometer. What do we see by observing the two references that I have just cited? They are both automatic, certified chronometers and they adopt a refined aesthetic approach, favoring extremely sober timers and going to the essentials. Well, the reference 6190 offers the same features.

The California dial:  

The manual winding movement of the 4512 is thus replaced by an automatic Soprod M100 caliber which has a power reserve of 42 hours for a frequency of 4hz. And of course, this caliber is chronometer certified. In this context, one could expect the case to become thicker. It’s quite the opposite. The watch gains in finesse thanks to a thickness of 10.4mm compared to 11.3mm for the 4512. The difference is significant and the change in proportions is very noticeable. Indeed, the diameter of the steel case remains the same (37.7mm) so that the 6190 appears significantly more slender.

Serica California Dial

The aesthetic evolution is subtle but impactful. It consisted of reviewing the opening of the dial (the bezel is thinner) and lightening the timer. Also gone are the numbers between 13 and 24 which created an internal perimeter of the internal hours for the Commando and WMB versions of the 4512. In short, everything seems purer, more airy and the main consequence is that the new Field Watch has a perceived size once placed on the wrist slightly higher. The fact of having retained the diameter of 37.7mm is in fact an excellent decision. It is part of Serica’s desire to present neo-retro watches with a timeless design which retain a certain elegance while having performance ensuring them versatile use. Moreover, the water resistance remains at 200 meters and the reduction in thickness had no impact on this aspect.

3 versions are available. The only element that sets them apart is the design of the dial. In each case, the dominant color is black and it’s a shame that Serica didn’t take the opportunity to reveal a white dial. Either way, each dial has its own atmosphere.

The Denali dial:

Serica Denali Watch

The California dial is the one that has the most personality and I have no doubt that it will be the most successful. In a way, it has become the signature of Serica’s Field Watch. I really like it and it’s my favorite.

The Denali dial can be considered as Serica’s interpretation of an Explorer dial because it highlights the 4 main numbers (3,6,9,12). Strangely, I perceive it as the most original. The contrast between the hour points and the lines of the timer gives it singularity. I like it too and it’s right behind the California dial in my order of preference.

The Commando dial is ultimately the most conventional. It is aimed at customers looking for the most classic watch and who like less risk-taking. It is also well done but I find it less interesting than the previous two.

The quality of the execution of the 6190 is in any case very good. The steel case is very well made and I particularly like the shape of the lugs. The combination of polished and satin finishes reinforces the perceived quality. The dials are neat and the luminescent details are precisely finished. Moreover, special work has been carried out on this subject because from now on all the numbers, indexes and cardinal points are luminescent. The curved glass is also of quality and brings character to the whole. Finally, the M100 movement is not visible because the caseback is solid. This is very good news because this decision is consistent with the spirit of the watch and it is not a very beautiful movement. On the other hand, its qualities in terms of precision and robustness are real. Beyond chronometer certification, the purchaser of a 6190 can have confidence in the stable and long-lasting behavior of the caliber.

The different versions of the 6190 are delivered with the Bonklip bracelet which allows immediate adjustment and adjustment to the optimal size. I’m not a big fan of this bracelet because I find the contrast between its own weight (very light) and that of the case a little unsettling. I don’t really like its visual rendering either, which is divisive. However, it gives style to the watch and in any case, alternative straps can be ordered.

Commando Dial

Serica Commando Dial

The Serica 6190 is a subscription watch. It is available for pre-order on the Serica website at a price of 990 euros including tax for delivery at the end of January 2024. I think this price is well positioned. Certainly, it is significantly higher than that of the 4512 (690 euros). However, the watch is not the same. Firstly, in constant euros, the gap is diminishing and having an automatic and chronometer-certified caliber is a real plus in terms of performance. Considering the quality of the work, I consider this price to be very reasonable. The watch indeed delivers on its promise: it is robust and versatile both from the point of view of use (its water resistance to 200 meters and its better luminescence prove it) and from the aesthetic point of view (it is undoubtedly more elegant than the 4512 ): a real Field Watch!

Thanks to the Field Watch 6190, Serica demonstrates that the brand is gaining maturity. This last reference is more accomplished than the one it replaces and I clearly felt that behind this presentation, the strategy of constructing an identity was a priority. Serica thus gives itself the means to continue its growth and development in the coming years.

What we like:

  • the quality of the execution taking into account the selling price
  • chronometer certification
  • more harmonious proportions
  • real versatility

What we like less

  • a somewhat short power reserve by current standards
  • the absence of a white dial to offer a real alternative

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