Ulysse Nardin Classico Milo Manara : heures érotiques pour Le Déclic

Sensual Moments with Le Déclic

But this niche market was really revived by Jean-Claude Biver in the 90s, when he was boss of Blancpain with the creation, at the time, of an erotic automaton on a wristwatch (pieces still produced confidentially by the Brassus watchmaker)

Today, a few brands (including Ulysse Nardin) still offer this type of… complications and these naughty dials. Limited series or unique pieces made to measure for the greatest pleasure of their customers. Let’s hope that the “political correctness” that reigns supreme in the luxury industry will not disrupt the marketing of this type of watch!

On the occasion of this new collab’ with Manara, Ulysse Nardin uses miniature painting which allows him to transpose the history of the Italian designer on the dials of three Classico watches offered in forty copies each to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famous band. designed by Le Déclic, which was marketed in 1983.

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