How to Choose and Gift the Best Boy's Watch

Selecting and Presenting the Finest Watch for a Boy

Swiss Made Watch gives you its secrets for a successful gift. We prove to you today with this guide that choosing a boy’s watch for a teenager is not that complex. Profiles, styles, price ranges, everything you need to take into account.

In adolescence, young people affirm their identity. They seek to break away from the family imprint and often experiment with clothing before finding the style they will definitely adopt. The quest for the gift promises to be complicated…or not. In truth, jewelry and fashion accessories often escape this evolution. A bracelet, for example, is sober enough to blend in with all outfits, whether casual, bohemian, chic… This is also the case for certain watches. The more classic a tocante is, the better it goes through the years.

Even if Swiss Made Watch (Do waste your time) is a supporter of originality, she also shares a taste for simplicity. Even timelessness. This is also one of the aspects at the heart of the brand’s manifesto: “Accessories that are accessible, sensitive and easy to wear. » Accessible by their price, sensitive by their eco-responsible will and easy to wear by their style.

A suitable boy’s watch

So, what watch for a teenager? We have developed the best proposals for boys’ watches by drawing up “typical profiles”. Each Swiss Made Watch Watch conveys its own universe and values, which therefore makes it more evocative for some people than for others.

Our watch collections also differ in usage. They do not all offer the same functionality. Beyond giving time for a simple men’s analog watchthere men’s calendar watch also displays the date and men’s chronograph watch for example allows to measure very precise time intervals according to the needs of its owner.

However, this selection will remain quite simple in order to suit the vast majority. A junior will not have the same expectations as a hardened watch aficionado. We have chosen more sober models, both in terms of style and handling. Also find our article dedicated to the same theme for the girl watch.

  • Lake, the infallible bestseller

The strength of this watch is that it adapts to all styles and all ages. It is at the same time sober, sporty, modern. A concentrate of ingredients precisely dosed between the dial and the case which today raises it to the rank of best-seller in our catalogue.

Its specificity: its dial. This one is inspired by a boat’s rudder, hence the name of the collection in reference to Lakes Baikal and Como. Lake then symbolizes the great horizons. A beautiful reference to the adult life that awaits the young boy in his future life. To be offered at the price of 149 euros.


The trendy and sporty watch

  • quartz movement
  • Dial inspired by a compass
  • 2 models: Baikal and Como


Earlier in this article, we were talking about watch features. Volcano is an analog quartz movement watch contrary to what one might think. Even if the remote second hand in the center of the dial suggests the opposite, it is a purely practical choice of display making it possible to dissociate the display of the minutes from that of the seconds. This specificity brings a strong and central aesthetic detail in the design.

Volcano is modern, sporty, masculine. It is the ideal boy’s watch for a child wishing to learn to assert his identity. Accessible at the price of 159 euros.

Etna second hand watch with sepia brown strap


The remote second hand watch

  • Traditional quartz movement
  • Offset second hand
  • Etna model


Many other collections could very well answer your request. Discover them now on our e-shop site. There you will have a complete overview of our offer and Swiss Made Watch news. Delivery is free and fast for any online purchase. Our products are also available at more than 200 retailers: watchmakers, jewellers, etc.

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