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Garmin smartwatches receive significant update.

The Garmin smartwatches are an excellent alternative to the “popular models”, Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch. They are both competitive in terms of price and quite decent in terms of performance and features.

Today’s announcement is likely to make Garmin’s smartwatches even more attractive, as a major update is being rolled out to some smartwatches.

Garmin has confirmed that the following smartwatches are eligible for this update: epix (Gen 2), Fenix ​​7 series, Forerunner series, Venu series, etc. Additionally, the update also affects Edge 540, 840, and 1040 series GPS bike computers.

Here’s everything included in the update:

  • Endurance Score: Measures an athlete’s ability to sustain sustained efforts while taking into account training metrics such as VO2 max, short and long term training loads, and more, to all sports activities to better understand the impact of training on overall endurance
  • Hill Score: Gauges an athlete’s ability to run uphill by measuring running strength on steep climbs and running endurance on long climbs, while assessing progress over time based on VO2 max and workout history
  • Muscle Maps: In addition to muscle maps for strength training, predict which muscle groups will be used during custom or preset HIIT, cardio and Pilates workouts, then view post-workout stats in the Garmin Connect app
  • Workouts app: Find and organize workouts, including suggested daily workouts and those downloaded or created in the Garmin Connect app, and view workout history directly from a compatible Garmin device
  • Terrain shading: Get a 3D map view with topographic colors and shading to interpret changes in terrain and elevation more easily than just contour lines
  • Weather Map Overlays: View the latest map overlays for precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, and wind data directly from the smartwatch to make more informed weather decisions
  • Fishing Forecast: Receive suggestions on the best days and times to fish based on a celestial database that shows sunrise and sunset times for the sun and moon, relative position to your location, and more. Moreover
  • Gaming Activity: Integration with the Garmin GameOn app provides biometric data to help gamers better understand their optimal stress zone, plan breaks with a gaming power feature, and view energy levels body drums to improve their level of play
  • GroupRide: Create a route seamlessly in Garmin Connect, then share a unique code with other riders in a group (using a compatible Edge device) so everyone can see and follow the same ride.

This is the second major update to smartwatches Garmin in the space of just three months, and so it looks like the company is determined to put a lot of resources into supporting its ranges of wearables.

New bracelets

Moreover, Garmin has announced that new UltraFit nylon straps are now available for its smartwatchesin a greater number of sizes. These new wristbands are made from an elastic double layer of antimicrobial nylon which allows moisture to escape.

According to Garmin, these bracelets are light, soft and pleasant to wear. Currently, three strap sizes are available for watches compatible with the QuickFit system and quick-release system: black or gray QuickFit straps in 20 mm, 22 mm and 26 mm and black quick-release straps in 18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm.

As for the price, Garmin indicates that each of these new UltraFit nylon bracelets can be purchased for only 39.99 euros in its online store.

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