Focus on the Roman numeral women's watch

Roman Numeral Women’s Watch: A Closer Look

Classic among the classics. Come back to the basics of the Roman numeral women’s watch and the reasons for its success over the years.

Summary :

  1. The short history of Roman numerals
  2. Still widely used
  3. A versatile Roman numeral women’s watch

The short history of Roman numerals

Roman numbering is the ancestor of the numbering we use today. As its name suggests, this technique was born in Ancient Rome. This region of the world has brought many scholars recognized for their innovations and their contribution to civilization.

But let’s give the creators their credit. Legend has it that Roman numerals were created by shepherds and herd leaders to count their animals. They traced simple sticks for each unit, then would have started to integrate letters for the tens, etc… A rather intuitive method very quickly adopted by the regime. Roman numerals then spread and still persist today in our daily lives.

Still widely used

The learning of Roman numerals is done relatively early in schooling, it often occurs in the first years of college or even before. Why do we learn it? First, the general culture. Roman numerals are quite redundant. It is enough to master the first 10 digits to get a fairly quick idea of ​​how they work. It becomes quite instinctive with practice and does not mobilize so many teaching resources. In short, it’s always good to know them. Especially since they are still relevant in certain areas. This is the second reason. If you are interested in history, for example, it is customary to refer to certain periods of time only with Roman numerals. The centuries in particular are indicated in this way: 16th century, 18th century… However, this inscription is slowly beginning to disappear in favor of modern numbers.

A versatile Roman numeral women’s watch

The Roman numeral women’s watch remains a style effect more than anything else. Although much appreciated for its indexes, it is even more so for its vintage look directly attributable to its numbering.

Such a jewel is necessarily more classic than another. And yet, that’s what gives it its charm. This classy ladies watch is an assumed return to basics. A bit like taking a stand to affirm your love of simple things both in terms of clothing style and lifestyle.

It is obviously a small irreplaceable fashion accessory to compose an outfit. A Roman numeral women’s watch sports different styles depending on the model you choose. At Swiss Made Watch Watch, we celebrate everyone’s tastes by offering collections with a variety of trendy designs. This one may be vintage, chic, but still timeless.

OUR women’s quartz watch Harmony, for example, is a product with a fairly classic line in itself, but can however be personalized with the best colored interchangeable watch straps. We have a wide fantasy palette made up of both classic cowhide leather models and vegetable fiber models to compose a women’s vegan watch. All compatible with all of our ranges for women.

Get an idea of ​​the women’s wristwatch of your choice directly on our e-shop site. And if you have the crush, direct delivery is fast and free for any purchase on the internet. We also invite you to visit our partner jewelery and watch shops throughout France.

The Harmony Roman numeral women’s watch


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