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Pre-Order the New Code41 X41 AeroCarbon Now!

With the X41 AeroCarbon, the young Swiss watchmaking firm signs a 4th generation of X41 all in lightness and transparency. Our opinion and more information in this article.

X41: a huge success from launch.

We told you about the launch of the X41 on the MBA blog. Code41 then tackled a price segment above €5,000 with a skeleton watch that was both sporty and industrial and a very elegant peripheral oscillating weight. This launch was a huge success with more than 5 million euros of pre-order, the X41 demonstrated all the enthusiasm around the Swiss brand Code41, we would also have a hard time quoting you another recent Swiss or French watch brand. knowing such a beautiful success story. The brand’s fans are now so numerous that you have to rush to get their models when pre-orders open.

The first X41 models were delivered to their owners in November 2019 and we have only read excellent feedback from them, both in terms of the beauty and the reliability of the model.


July 2020: launch of the X41 AeroCarbon

Building on this success, the brand founded by Claudio d’Amore is launching a new edition called “AeroCarbon” which should also delight Code41 aficionados. We find the very beautiful design of the X41, its transparency, its peripheral oscillating weight, its quality Swiss movement, but the metal case is now advantageously replaced by a case in high density aeronautical carbon:

Extremely wearing and twice as much light than titanium, this High Tech carbon is mainly used in the aeronautical and aerospace industry. This material is made on demand in a specialized factory in France. It is made up of 300 extremely thin layers placed at 90°C from each other and compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven. This process guarantees an exceptional composite 2.5 times more resistant to bending than steel. Moreover, due to its high density, the AeroCarbon is waterproof without the need to add a titanium box as is the case for carbon generally used in watchmaking, which is less dense and porous.

Here is a short video of the brand presenting the new model:

X41 AeroCarbon Price

The price is 5990€

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