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Blood pressure monitoring rumored for OPPO’s upcoming smartwatch

A smart watch OPPO capable of measuring blood pressure could be in the worksa new patent suggests the company is considering this health feature.

Presently, Oppo watches do not offer blood pressure monitoring features. In fact, there is a limited number of wearable devices designed to track blood pressure through smartwatches. This area of technology is still evolving and holds great potential for expansion. For instance, Samsung offers a smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring capability, although it requires regular calibration with a conventional blood pressure monitor to ensure accuracy.

As Oppo is preparing to introduce its innovative blood pressure monitoring device, we can anticipate a future where health-focused wearable technology is not only practical but also stylish and user-friendly. It is likely that wrist-based blood pressure monitoring will become increasingly common in the near future.

BlogNT : le Blog des Nouvelles Technologies

The recently released filing, available from China’s National Intellectual Property Administration, describes a wrist-worn device consisting of two separate wristbands, titled ” Blood pressure measuring device “.

Both seem attached to a central main unit – which could even feature a small screen – with two identification areas present on the wristbands designed to take the measurement.

Exactly how this process works is not entirely clear, but it is possible that the bracelets mimic a traditional blood pressure cuff and determine the measurement by inflating.

This type of system is already present in the Huawei Watch D, which incorporates an inflatable armband in the bracelet, and Samsung devices like the Galaxy Watch 5 are also able to exploit blood pressure data once the watch has been calibrated with an external sensor.

Possible rewrites Smartwatch from OPPO may have blood pressure

Just a patent

As with any patent, it’s of course far too early to know how OPPO plans to implement this technology — and even if it will be offered as part of asmart watchstandard or whether it will instead be a stand-alone device.

We’re already seeing a handful of big companies in the industry offering more convenient ways to measure blood pressure, as well as more modest names so it wouldn’t be surprising if OPPO nurtured plans of its own. However, as this patent has only just been filed and granted, we certainly don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

Oppo OHealth H1

Another exciting Oppo device in the pipeline is the OHealth H1. Showcased at CES 2023, this gadget is handheld rather than wearable, resembling a Star-Trek-inspired tool that tracks six essential health indicators. These include ECG, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, heart and lung auscultation, and blood pressure. Most of this data is collected from your fingertips, making it akin to a digital stethoscope using AI to detect medical conditions. There is no information on a potential release date yet, but we will keep you updated as more details become available.

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