Porsche celebrates 60 years of its 911

Porsche Commemorates 60 Years of its Iconic 911

Porsche 911 Introduced to the world in 1963, it represented a major step up from the 356, which was already highly regarded in motorsports and purist drives alike. He 911 immediately took Porsche to new heights; in competition he quickly became a recognized force, both on track and in rallies.

In fact, the victory of the 911 in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1968 at the hands of the great driver Vic Elford was the first of three in a row. The Porsche brand was not very convinced to compete in rallies, but Elford convinced them. So they gave him a 911S red that was used as a demonstrator for potential customers and became an illustrious part of Porsche history – one of many examples.

Pure power. Six-cylinder boxer (in horizontal and opposite arrangement) of four liters of displacement -525 bhp-.

As the firm from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen usually does, each anniversary is celebrated in an impressive way. In the case of 911it is worth remembering that its name was originally 901, but due to a Peugeot patent regarding three-digit numbers with a zero in the middle, it was changed to 911 shortly after its launch.

The purist 911

The first 60 years of the legendary 911 deserved a big celebration and Porsche did not disappoint with the creation of the 911 S/Tperhaps the best and most purist Porsche 911 created until today. As in haute cuisine, it’s all about combining ingredients in a new and surprising way; And boy, does Porsche have over 75 years of fabulous ingredients to combine. He 911 S/T It begins in 1969, the year in which Porsche began to offer a version with significant improvements in terms of suspension and mechanics, focused on competition: the 911Salthough internally it is known as 911SThence the name.

The enemy to defeat to achieve this work of art was the weight. The firm put decades of racing experience into practice to create the 911 Lightest of the present generation: only 1,380 kg, which currently is nothing for a car of this performance, safety and equipment. Speaking of performance, suffice it to say that behind the rear axle of the 911 S/T is the fabulous six-cylinder boxer (in a horizontal and opposite arrangement) with a displacement of four liters.

powerful and fast

It delivers 525 bhp through a seven-speed manual transmission mated to a new clutch system that allows the engine to pick up faster rpm. So the throttle response is instant, getting all that power out there.

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Technological creature. Carbon fiber on front fenders, doors, hood and awning. The battery is lithium ion, the thinnest crystals and magnesium wheels.

The weight loss includes the replacement of steel by CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) panels, better known as carbon fiber, on the front fenders, doors, hood and awning. The battery is lithium ion, the windows are thinner and the wheels are made of magnesium. In total the 911 S/T is 40 kg lighter than a GT3 Touring serial.

Limited edition

The front suspension is double wishbone -derived from the GT3– and the rear multi-link without the directional system. All control and damping systems have a specific calibration. Optionally there is the Heritage Design pack, decoration that recalls the 911S from the late 60s and early 70s. There will only be 1,963 copies of the 911 purest to date.

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A birthday timeline

The Porsche Design firm was created by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the same man who designed the unmistakable original profile of the 911. In 1970 and already as head of Porsche Design, FA Porsche designed the first black finished chronograph watch in history, the Chronograph 1. For this anniversary, the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 911 S/Twhich pays homage to 911ST 2.4 from 1970. The piece, like the car, will also be limited to 1,963 examples and will be produced by hand at the Porsche Design Timepieces manufacture in Solothurn, Switzerland. An exclusive watch for owners of a 911 S/T.

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