The Watch Professor's watchmaking quizzes are available on the web

Online watchmaking quizzes by the Watch Professor can now be accessed on the internet.

This is very good news: the watch quizzes of the Watch Professor, Carson Chan, are now accessible on YouTube. If you regularly follow watch accounts on Instagram, you surely must not have missed the daily quizzes that Carson Chan organized on his @watchprofessor account via the stories. Many of us attended and it was an unmissable and appreciated event.

Transferring quizzes to a specific platform via the web provides two additional features: ranking of participants based on the number of correct answers and time spent answering the quiz and the ability to play past quizzes. It has now been several days since this new version was launched and it already has many followers. However, I find the quizzes to be easier than the ones offered on Instagram (there were always a few jewelry watches from behind the bundles of which it was extremely difficult to guess the brand). Setting up a quiz requires a lot of work but I hope that over time the difficulty will increase in order to avoid a ranking very often dictated by response times. In any case, I am delighted with this development offered by Carson Chan because it makes quizzes more accessible, including to those who are not registered on Instagram.

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