Omega Speedmaster Super Racing: A New Omega Standard

Omega Speedmaster Super Racing: A New Omega Standard

After several days of teasing on social networks, Omega is unveiling a new watch. The latter pushes back the standards of precision applied to our modern world. Don’t worry here, we’re not talking about digitization or virtual reality, but about mechanical innovation.

Pushing precision in our electronic world

Today we live in a world rocked by the sound of smartphones and ultra connectivity. A magical world that allows you to have the exact time constantly on your phone. Fortunately we remain a few die-hards attached to the idea that our watches bring us a certain ideal, a special relationship that we maintain over time.

In this digital world, magnetism is omnipresent, connected speakers, cooking plates, induction chargers and so on.

In 2013, the development of a silicon hairspring, Si14 for friends, pushes the limits of magnetism. Omega introduces the caliber 8508 able to withstand magnetic fields greater than 15,000 Gauss. Magnetized watches are just a bad memory. Thanks Omega.

A point of accomplishment, but which does not revolutionize the precision of watches.

In order to measure and certify the precision of watches, organizations such as the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Authority (COSC) or the Besançon Observatory offer to certify the chronometric capacity of a watch. For example, Between -4 and +6 seconds for the COSC.

In 2015, Omega chose to exceed the standards of Swiss chronometers by obtaining the “Master Chronometer” certification in addition to superior precision, the METAS comes to test the magnetic resistance capacities of the calibers tested. A new era of excellence.

This is more than enough you say? Well No, Omega answers you……

Omega’s new asset: The SPIRATE

As you have understood, the objective is to push the limits of precision in watches even further. You certainly know the most determining organ in this search?

The hairspring balance plays a major role in the adjustment. It is on the latter that the watchmakers will carry out a large part of their work. Indeed the watchmaker adjusts the balance of the balance, the length of the spiral, its isochronism among others. Manufacturers are developing more efficient racket systems that allow these adjustments to be made as finely as possible. Many brands have worked on precision by increasing the number of oscillations in their movements.

Thus from a standard of 3HZ in the 1970s, it evolved to 4HZ in the 2000s, and legendary calibers displayed 5Hz. But the high frequency, although satisfactory, presents other constraints, in particular lubrication. Omega preferred to keep a classic 4HZ frequency for its caliber. Other solutions have been found.

Today, Omega gives us its vision of a caliber with extreme precision for a mass-produced model.

The manufacture has taken over the base of its movement 9900 which equips the Racing collection, the latter is equipped with the latest developments from the Omega house. It is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 15,000 Gauss and is certified “Master Stopwatch”. It can thus display an accuracy of 0 to +5 seconds per day.

For the caliber 9920 which interests us here, its accuracy is posted at 0 +2 seconds per dayan extraordinary performance made possible by the new oscillating organ: the Spirate.

Did you say Pirate? it is a revolutionary new patent-pending hairspring allowing the watchmaker to adjust the rigidity of the hairspring attachment point by means of an eccentric screw located on the balance bridge.

This new system allows the caliber 9920 to reach new standards of precision.

The Speedmaster Super Racing

Omega Speedmaster Super Racing

You certainly remember this superb Seamaster Aqua Terra >15,000 gauss from 2013? Did Omega take over the color codes and the seconds hand streaked with yellow and black?

This new Speedmaster is based on the collection racing. A beautiful watch which imposes itself by its measurements: a diameter of 44.25 mm and 14.9 mm thick. The dial uses the typography specific to Omega Racing with its specific railroad. The honeycomb pattern refers to the prototype that Omega exposed to a magnetic field of 160,000 Gauss. The set of hands is inspired by the yellow keys of the 2013 Aqua Terra. I really like this sporty and committed side of the dial. It is topped by a yellow and black tachometric bezel in grand feu enamel which completes the visual identity of this newcomer.

Small detail, the 10 of the date disc, displays a specific font to commemorate this anniversary.

The caliber is visible via a large transparent back in order to admire this new element which pushes the limits of precision.

The steel bracelet is taken from the Speedmaster Professional and also offers a 2.3 mm extension via an internal pusher located in the buckle. A good point for those who like to be able to fine-tune their bracelets.

This is a very nice novelty that Omega presents to us at the beginning of the year and our little finger tells us that this is not the last time that we will hear about this little Spirate.

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