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Omega unveils 8 new watches with “Summer Blue” dials in its Seamaster collection

It was hard to miss this tidal wave: the Swiss watchmaker Omega has just unveiled a sumptuous range of watches with its new Seamaster Summer Blue collection .

It was right in the middle of the Cyclades, in Mykonos to be precise, that Raynald Aeschlimann , CEO of Omega, decided to present to the press 8 new Omega Seamaster watches equipped with magnificent blue dials which I am totally in love with. 

Omega seamaster 75 years

So yes, when we talk about Omega we most often think of the iconic Omega Speedmaster , the watch that went to the Moon, or even the Omega Constellation. However, launched in 1948, the Seamaster is indeed the collection that has been produced for the longest time by the Swiss brand. And for the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster , the brand has gone big with this special anniversary collection which consists of 8 flagship models from the house sporting a “Summer Blue” dial, but that’s not all. This anniversary also marks the return of an emblematic watch: the famous Omega Seamaster Ploprof.

The Omega Seamaster 75th Anniversary Collection

Before presenting the watches of this new collection in detail, let’s take a look at the Seamaster 75th anniversary collection in general. Certainly the great novelty is the return of the Ploprof (one of my favorite references from Omega by the way) but the 7 other models are all Seamaster references that we know very well. In the Seamaster family we therefore find the Aqua Terra , the Seamaster 300 , the Diver 300M and the Planet Ocean .

collection omega seamaster summer blue

The red thread of this collection? It’s the color of course. A summery blue tone that takes the form of a harmonious gradient on the dials but not only. If you take a good look at the 8 watches, the gradient doesn’t just stop at one dial, it extends over the entire collection. Thus, the dial of watches becomes darker and darker depending on their resistance to depth. For example, the 3 Seamaster Aqua Terra models have a relatively light blue dial, almost a sky blue, and are water resistant to 150 meters. The Seamaster 300, Diver 300M and Planet Ocean models have darker dials because they are much more water resistant. And finally, the darkest, almost black dials directly echo thePloprof waterproof to 1200M and Ultra Deep waterproof to 6000M.

Other common features, the markers and hands are filled with a new Super-LumiNova light blue tone, matching the theme of the collection.

The New Omega Aqua Terra 150M Summer Blue – 38mm

omega seamster aqua terra 38mm

The very first model in the collection is none other than the recently introduced Aqua Terra Shades range . Omega perfectly uses the codes of this elegant and sporty watch collection .

There is a stainless steel case 38 mm in diameter for a “reasonable” thickness of 12.3 mm. The case is fully polished and is mounted on a beautiful matching steel bracelet. Regarding the dial, it has a relatively classic brushed sunburst finish but it is, I find, this new Summer Blue color that makes all the difference and brings a real look to this Omega Aqua Terra.

montre omega seamster aqua terra 38mm 1

The gradient effect on the dial is relatively discreet, we see darker areas limited to the edges of the dial. The indexes of the dial are also new, they take up the rounded shape of the hulls of sailboats that are usually found on the 34 mm diameter models.

This new Aqua Terra hides the in-house automatic caliber 8800, which offers 55 hours of power reserve and all the characteristics of a Master Chronometer- certified movement (co-axial escapement, anti-magnetism, etc.). The back of the case has also been completely redesigned, it is no longer in sapphire crystal but in steel with Poseidon and the two seahorses from Omega.

Regarding the price, it will take $7,500 on a steel bracelet.

The Omega Aqua Terra 150M 41mm Summer Blue

omega seamster aqua terra 41mm summer blue

The second watch presented for the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster collection is none other than the big sister of the Aqua Terra 38mm, I named… the 41mm diameter version.

It takes up the design and DNA of the Aqua Terra collection with a case and bracelet that alternate brushed and polished surfaces. We find a bracelet with a flat link look that I like so much and if you start to know me, I am complicated for steel bracelets and I often have trouble appreciating them.

This model of Omega Aqua Terra 150M Summer Blue is therefore 41 mm in diameter and 13.2 mm thick . We can see a magnificent dial with a beautiful shade of blue here too. This dial is fully textured and takes up the classic teak pattern found on the watches in the collection. I’m a big fan of these light blue SuperLuminova indexes which bring a lot of freshness to the dial but that’s not all, the date disc is also blue in color which offers a perfectly homogeneous dial.

This 150-meter water-resistant case features, like all the new models in the collection, an engraved steel back. It houses the self-winding 8900 movement which has two barrels for a generous power reserve of almost 60 hours. This new Aqua Terra 150M is also Master Chronometer certified.

This version is available on a steel bracelet at a price of $7,100 or on a light blue rubber strap at a price of $6,900.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of this new dial, but also of the watch in general, and I must admit that I’d prefer the version with the blue rubber strap, which has superb intertwined patterns.

The New Omega Aqua Terra WorldTimer “Summer Blue”

omega aqua terra wolrdtimer summer blue

Now let’s move on to one of my favorite Omega complications : the Worldtimer. In general, I am a big fan of this complication, which allows you to quickly read the time in all the time zones of the globe, and I find that Omega has appropriated this complication wonderfully with the Aqua Terra Worldtimer.

This third model of the Seamaster 75th anniversary collection is therefore based on the DNA of the iconic Aqua Terra Worldtimer . We find a stainless steel case 43 mm in diameter and 14.1 mm thick , a little thick as you will have understood in view of the complication of the movement. This new Summer Blue version remains technically identical to the models in the more classic collection.

cadran montre omega aqua terra wolrdtimer

What really changes is the dial, which sports this new sky blue gradient color. The hands as well as the triangular silver indexes are covered with blue Superluminova . The dial has different finishes extremely well done as usual with Omega. On the periphery are the 2 dark blue and light blue discs that bear the names of cities around the world. In the center, a Grade 5 titanium plate has been laser engraved with the continents and oceans before being colored blue. Surrounding this titanium plate is a hesalite glass disc that provides 24-hour reading. The light blue area represents day and the dark blue area represents night.

It is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8938 movement that powers this new Aqua Terra WorldTimer, water resistant to 150 meters. Regarding the price, this Worldtimer is available on a steel bracelet at a price of $10,900 and also on a blue rubber strap at a price of $10,600.

The Omega Seamaster 300 Summer Blue

montre omega seamaster planet ocean 2048x1152 1

If I had to choose only one then here it is friends, I would turn to this sumptuous Omega Seamaster 300 with its bewitching Summer Blue dial . Well, I have a history with Seamaster 300 being one of James Bond’s watches, I’ve always been in love with it but I must admit that again, Omega hit hard with this new version.

This vintage-inspired diver’s watch, water-resistant to 300 meters , always has a sleek and elegant look. There is a symmetrical stainless steel case of course and 41 mm in diameter for 13.9 mm thick. Which is still reasonable for this kind of dive watch. The Seamaster 300 draws its inspiration from the iconic Omega CK 2913 from 1957.

On the dial side, there is a beautiful sandwich dial without a date which is not to displease me. The lower part of the dial, the arrow hands and the lollipop second hand are coated with light blue SuperLuminova.

montre omega seamaster 300 75eme anniversaire

The bezel of this Seamaster 300 Summer Blue is blue ceramic with a beautiful scale over 60 in light blue enamel, a combo just to die for. You will notice that the dial also has a nice blue gradient but it is darker than previous watches because this Seamaster is more water resistant (30ATM).

It is the self-winding Caliber 8912 that brings this new Omega to life. Here too there are 2 barrel springs for a power reserve of 60 hours. And for the price you will have to (I feel it too) pay $8,000 including VAT for the flat link style steel bracelet version.

The new Seamaster Diver 300M Summer Blue


Another beautiful novelty in terms of color for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M , this James Bond Watches remains here also technically similar to the classic collection.

This new edition for the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster takes the form of a stainless steel case 42 mm in diameter , 13.6 mm thick and a lug-to-lug dimension of 49.9 mm. We find the famous lyre-shaped lugs, a helium valve at 10 o’clock and a beautiful unidirectional bezel with a blue ceramic insert enriched with a 60-minute scale here also in light blue enamel, like the Seamaster 300.

montre omega seamaster diver 300M

The DNA remains the same and this new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M keeps its iconic asymmetrical case water-resistant to 300 meters (30ATM) so don’t panic for your trips at sea.

The dial features a beautiful blue gradient with a fully laser engraved wave pattern. To complete this dial, a beautiful sunray brushed finish adds texture and there are also silver applied indexes covered with this new SuperLuminova color: a light blue.

Beneath this bottom engraved with Poseidon and the 2 seahorses is the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8800 automatic movement which offers approximately 55 hours of power reserve.

Price: $6,700 for the version with a steel strap and a little cheaper with a rubber strap since you will find it at $6,400

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Summer Blue

montre omega seamaster planet ocean 2048x1152 2

The Planet Ocean is not one of my favorite Seamasters but I must admit that with these new colors of summer blue, all the Omegas have caught my eye this year.

Omega presented the compact version of its Planet Ocean for this Seamaster Blue collection. The watch therefore sports a stainless steel case of only 39.5 mm in diameter and still 14.2 mm thick, the fault of the caliber and its water resistance of up to 60 ATM .

This professional diver’s watch is equipped with a helium valve and lyre-shaped lugs just like the Seamaster Diver 300M . We also find here a unidirectional dark blue ceramic bezel with a light blue 60-minute scale and various small indexes in the form of vertical and horizontal lines.

cadran omega planet ocen summer blue

Regarding the dial, this Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has a fully ceramic dial with a PVD treatment and a vertical brushed finish. The color Summer Blue is also present here in the form of a beautiful gradient from light to dark.

It is powered by the Caliber 8800 automatic movement which is of course Master Chronometer certified. Only available in the steel version, this new Planet Ocean 600M Summer Blue is priced at $8,000.

The return of the iconic Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

omega seamaster ploprof summer blue 2048x1152 1

Speak little, speak well, this 75th anniversary of Omega’s Seamaster collection marks the great return of the emblematic Seamaster Ploprof. Both an overpowering monument and a very special watch, the Ploprof holds an important place in the history of the Seamaster.

Once again the DNA remains faithful to the previous version but some modifications are still to be noted. We find the dimensions of the Ploprof of the 70s , that is to say an O-MegaSteel steel case of 55 mm by 45 mm. To provide water resistance to 1200M, the case of the Ploprof is a so-called one-piece case. The back is directly embedded in the same block as the rest of the case and the assembly is done from the top.

We find this famous arrangement with a screw-down crown on the left of the case as well as the safety pusher located at 2 o’clock and which allows the bezel to be locked and unlocked. A helium valve appears on this new version of the Ploprof . The unidirectional bezel has a sapphire crystal insert and not a ceramic one.

For the dial, we are entitled to a beautiful brushed dial even darker than the other watches in the collection, once again in relation to water resistance. The hour and minute hands have different colors to make it easier to read dive times.

Regarding the Caliber , it is the 8912 Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement that allows this Omega to live in the deepest places of the ocean. And for the price, count $15,300 if you want to wear this piece of history on your wrist.

The new Seamaster Ultra-Deep 6000M

montre omega ultra deep 75 ans seamaster

If you feel like going to see the Titanic up close, then know that the Seamaster Ultra Deep is there for you, and for once, it will withstand a pressure of 4000 meters deep since this professional diving monster offers a resistance of up to 60ATM or a pressure of 6000 meters.

It was in 2019 after an incredible diving record set by Victor Vescovo in the Mariana Trench that Omega made the iconic Seamaster Ultra Deep available to the public. Here, the 75th anniversary model has an O-MegaSteel case 45.5 mm in diameter and 18.1 mm thick. Yes yes you read correctly, we are on a beautiful piece to wear on the wrist but for incredible performances.

omega ultra deep

The unidirectional bezel of this Seamaster Ultra Deep is dark blue, almost black ceramic with a Summer Blue enamel diving scale. The dial is unbelievably beautiful. We find a lacquered dial which represents the “Challenger Deep” which is none other than the deepest point ever measured in the oceans, at 11,034 meters below sea level. The indexes and hands also close to black, feature a light blue SuperLuminova.

Nice little fun fact, if you pass a UV lamp over the dial then you will see the delicate inscription “Omega was here” to be translated by “Omega was here” (yeah I am bilingual yeah).

This Seamaster Ultra-Deep 6000M is powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer caliber 8912 . This Ultra Deep is of course ISO 6425:2018 certified. A total of 9 parameters were evaluated: readability, magnetic resistance, temperature variations, salt water spray, impact resistance, sealing, shocks in free fall, resistance of fasteners and diving in saturation.

Only available with a steel bracelet, this little marvel is available at a price of $14,000.

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