Offer a luxury French watch

Offer a luxury French watch

Are you looking for a gift to give to a loved one? So consider offering him a luxury watch. You are sure to please the person concerned with this gift. Indeed, the watch is now a piece of jewelery and a trendy accessory rather than a simple tool for telling the time. Here is our selection of French luxury watches for him or her.

The list of luxury French watches for Her

  • The Hermès Cape Cod watch for her

Inspired by the “Chaîne d’Ancre” link, the Cape Cod watch is a great classic from Hermès, which takes its name from the eponymous American seaside resort. Adorned with a simple or double turn bracelet, this watch created in 1991 will dress the wrist with elegance and audacity. The small model of this watch costs an average of 2500 euros. You will then be able to change your watch strap as you wish, thanks to a wide selection available on the brand’s website.

  • The Chanel Première watch for her

The Chanel Première watch has an octagonal shape inspired by the legendary Place Vendôme. Elegant and feminine, it is the ideal watch to slip on the wrist of your beloved. Count, on average 3600 euros to acquire the basic model with the steel bracelet.

  • The Cartier Bathtub watch for Her

The Bateau de Cartier watch was born in 1956 and very quickly became a must have for the house. Its oval style brings elegance and delicacy to the most chic wrists and silhouettes. This model is available with a leather, pink gold or fabric strap. The prices vary between 8700 euros and 101000 euros.

  • The Rolex Datejust watch for Her or Him

Timeless and modern, the Datejust is the essential unisex Rolex watch with many possible dial colors (including custom ones). A great classic that goes with all outfits for a contemporary and elegant look. Count around 40,000 euros to acquire this model

The list of luxury French watches for Him

  • Patek Philippe’s Calatrava for Him

A true watchmaking icon, the Calatrava has been the best-selling Patek Philippe watch in the world since the 1930s. This mythical watch takes its name from the Hispanic military order founded in the 12th century called Calatrava. This watch is also highly sought after by collectors. You can find some for the modest sum of 27,000 euros.

  • The Cartier Tank for Him

This watch is inspired by the tanks of 1919. It was during this period that Louis Cartier decided to create the daring Tank watch which would become one of its flagship models. Its clean lines and the elegance of the details will seduce watch lovers. These watches are available at a price of 2430 euros.

  • The Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso for Him

This model was born in 1931 on the initiative of René Alfred Chauvet. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was initially designed for polo players in order to be able to protect the dial from possible shocks. The Reverso is one of the icons of luxury watchmaking today, embodying modernity and mobility. You will find this watch at the price of 4200 euros for the smallest model.

  • The Rolex Submariner for Him

The Submariner, launched in 1953 symbolizes the links that unite the Rolex brand to the underwater world. Indeed, it is the first diver’s watch from the Rolex factory. It is instantly recognizable thanks to its graduated rotating bezel, whose minutes are marked one by one between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock. This iconic sporty model will match any outfit.

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