New Tudor Watch Releases 2023 Did They Beat ROLEX

New Tudor Watch Releases 2023 ! Did They Beat ROLEX?

Foreign hey guys and welcome back to another episode of Federico talks watches today I’m gonna review the tutor watches and wonders releases for 2023 as promised now of course before we get started customers wristwatch check I’m still wearing the Brigade 5817 absolutely loving it a bit on my wrist almost a week now

You know I rotate often this one is back on and also guys don’t forget to check out Delray watch if you’re interested in tutor we just got in the tutor steel and gold black Bay an absolutely killer piece and if you like that two-tone look this one won’t break the bank

We also got in a very limited vacheron mittier Dart Limited to 20 pieces this has the handmade cross on animal dial retail was well over a hundred thousand US Dollars and this one is less than half of that but even if this watch is not for you go check it out anyway

Because that dial is something truly special and as far as I can tell we’re one of the first pre-owned dealers in the United States to get to Panerai duet moon phase on a bracelet we are the only ones for sale pre-owned in the United States killer price as well an

Interesting watch if you want a dressy Panerai but anyway guys tutors watches and wonders releases for 2023. I guess it’s impossible for both Rolex companies you know tutors owned by Rolex to have killer releases in one year they just don’t have it in them do they well Rolex had a pretty great watches

And wonders in my opinion at least check out that video tutor on the other hand I mean it wasn’t bad but underwhelming in my opinion they didn’t do much and that’s weird because Rolex kind of uses tutor as an experimental baby brother but I digress let’s get straight into

The releases the first one is a Tudor black Bay GMT with the white dial now the only difference I can tell here is that white dial to nod to the Rolex GMT Master albino this WOW basically is nothing but a dial swap is a pretty handsome watch and I do

Foresee it selling very well um and while a new dial release is something I usually poo poo because no effort was put into it you know this one is handsome enough to where I kind of give it half a thumbs up then we got the Tudor black Bay 54.

Tudor keeps shrinking their lineup just like the black they made the black Bay 58 the pelagos came out on a smaller size the black Bay 54 is a 37 millimeter dive watch with a rubber strap option and 200 meters of water resistance now the 200 meters of water resistance is

Pretty impressive on a 37 millimeter case but apart from that eh I mean I already thought the black Bay 58 was kind of the perfect size for a lot of people slightly too small for me but then again that’s okay but a 37 millimeter it’s either going on an Asian wrist or a

Female wrist or a very skinny dude’s wrist maybe my partner John will love it um but you know a 37 millimeter dive watch okay I mean listen options or options but exciting it is not at least in my opinion then we have the black base in a new

Range of sizes and dials I think from 31 to 41 uh this has the new tfit clasp pretty cool new clasps are very underrated upgrade so I’m a fan of this and they’re in-house movements with chronometer certification no real Innovation here existing movements into the um the new black Bays

I guess they make them more expensive get rid of the eddas new dials tfit clasp I mean a mishmash of things they already had with a new clasp chronometer certified I mean listen not much bad to say about that and the coolest release is the burgundy black Bay this is now

Offered on a new Jubilee bracelet from Tudor the movement has an extended 70 hour reserve and it’s made us certified that’s right not Costco but metas Rolex has always been cost certified metas is a new standard predominantly used by Omega a more stringent standard the fact that Tudor is using it is kind

Of signaling in my opinion the death of kosk and the fact that Rolex at some point will be switching over as I said Rolex experiments everything new with Tudor first in most cases and there’s no reason to make a meta-certified caliber uh unless they plan on using made us in

The future so kosk it was nice knowing you hope you guys you know maybe made us is hiring if you guys work at Costco you know best of luck this is cool 70 hour power Reserve Jubilee bracelet while not a chronometer freak um certification is also interesting but

As you can see pretty underwhelming releases from Tudor I like that burgundy black Bay that’s awesome then the New Black base with dials and you know in-house movements now that already existed okay whatever black Bay 54 I could not care at all about even though full disclosure that watch was never

Going to be for me anyway and the albino GMT while a lazy release is a good looking one so kind of a fan there not a bad Watchers and wonders from tutor but certainly pretty much nothing newsworthy but Tudor gets the views you guys want to know

About Tutor so here is a video on the tutor releases please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe to see more releases which will be reviewed soon on my channel and of course I’ll catch you in the next one take care

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