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New out of old ?

After hours of rumors of all kinds concerning the new MoonSwatch which will be marketed, in only a few countries, and only today, the Swatch group has just formalized the existence of the MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold. Result: Swatch makes new out of old and settles for the minimum with a single seconds hand that has changed… And a questionable marketing strategy.

A golden seconds hand

This new MoonSwatch, which responds to the name of Mission To Moonshine Gold, is therefore aesthetically identical to the current Mission to the Moon. The only difference concerns the seconds hand which is now golden (and recycled). Fun fact, the Swatch group provides with this new model a certificate which indicates that the Moonshine Gold was indeed produced during the full moon of February…

On sale only today in four countries

Another amazing fact, the Mission To Moonshine Gold will be marketed only today, and this in four countries: London, Milan, Tokyo and Zurich. French fans will appreciate. Obviously, the MoonSwatch will only be sold in certain physical points of sale of the brand in these four countries, and not online.

Why in only four countries? Swatch indicates that they have a strong relationship with gold: London was chosen because it is in the country that the price of gold is fixed. It is in Zurich (at Paradeplatz) that one finds via the banks present on the spot one of the largest gold reserves in the world.

Last but not least, this Mission To Moonshine Gold is charged $25 more than Mission to the Moon. And the Swatch group indicates that the brand could take advantage of other events (including an upcoming full moon) to put its Mission To Moonshine Gold back on sale. To your lunar calendars!

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